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We often get sick in our life. And spend our savings for paying the fee of the Doctors and for purchasing medicines. But most medicines suggested by a doctor is always expensive. In the absence of information that we require to buying drugs from the doctor suggested a medical store. So the bill goes higher than the actual price. If we get the right information related to medicines then the bill can be deducted upto 50% to 70%. We can also treat our minor illness by buying self-medication. You can get information on drugs (medicines) from the Internet, but the drugs are associated with considerable difficulties in obtaining clear medicine information are revealed. You can also buy medicine online (India) through the medicine shopping app.1mg (Helthkart Plus) Find complete information regarding your medications

How to find full information related to a medicine using 1mg

Today most people have Android smartphones. There are many apps available for smartphones that come in your daily life to help small problems can be solved. Similarly, to save on their drugs (medicines) bills easy ways you can start below:1. First, install the 1mg app (first name “HEALTHKART PLUS” in-app market) on your Android smartphone.  >>Click here to go to the installation page.<<

2.After the installation the 1mg application, open & tap on the search option.

1mg healthkart plus search option
3. The name of your medicine you’re used to typing in the drug search box for example (such as Pfizer Company pill Lyrica 75 mg). As soon as you will search Lyrica, likewise Lyrica drug option will appear. You select the Lyrica 75 mg. The name of the medicine, company, price and show the structure of medicine. Additionally, you will see Pfizer Lyrica medicine 14 pills a pack of Rs 842.00. That was a Pill worth Rs 60.14. Mind you now tap on the “SUBSTITUTES“.
1mg healthkart plus search medicines1mg healthkart plus search result
4. Do not be surprised to see that this is the second prestigious company is available at very low-cost medicines. 10 tablets of the same drug pack Cipla (Prebaxe) company just Rs 61.67 (Rs 6.16 per tablet price) is available.
1mg healthkart plus price comparision1mg healthkart plus medicines lowes price
The 1mg app you can also find other kinds of information, such as what type of medicine is drug use, drug and medication use for which type of disease can be. FAQ’S Questions and Answers can also see the option. The drug company is a very big well-planned plot that generic drugs should be stopped. Using the app, you can control the expenses associated with medicines.

Get all the information related to medicine through the website:

Now the 1mg launched the website version. So you will get all the information related to medicine and also find the cheapest price Substitute of the doctor suggested medicine. The 1Mg is also started the online medical store where you can purchase all the medicines at the affordable price.


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