Lock and Unlock apps from Clean Master Boost and Applock android

Locking apps with an Applock application enhance your privacy & security. And there are many security application available on Android, which provides Applocking feature without installing an additional app. So today here I’m going to share how to lock and unlock apps from Clean Master Boots & AppLock Android.

Basically, Clean Master Boots & AppLock comes pre-installed on Android Smartphone. It is because Clean Master is the most popular Android smartphone cleaner application. And it is freely available for everyone. Then why install another app for only Applock, If you have already installed Clean Master.

Lock apps with Clean Master Applock feature.

If you already have Clean Master Boots & Applock then any app can be easily Locked and protected and no one will have access to your Installed apps. To lock Android app with Clean Master AppLock follow the steps below:

  • Open Clean Master on your Android Smartphone. And tap on the top right Lock icon.

Tap-on-Lock-icon-in- Clean Master Applock

  • You’ll now see installed application list. Select the checkbox of the app, which you want to lock with Clean Master AppLock. And after selection tap on PROTECT button to start protection.

Select-apps-and-tap-on-Protect- Clean Master Applock

  • It will be now asked you to Set a password for apps. So simply draw a Pattern Lock (if you don’t like to use pattern lock then tap on Change to PIN code at the bottom of the pattern lock screen). And it will ask you again to re-draw pattern or Pin Password.

Draw-a-pattern- Clean Master Applock

  • After generation a password (Pattern or PIN), You’ll get Protected Successfully message the tap on Done button.

Unlock apps from Clean Master AppLock.

Unlocking apps from Clean Master AppLock is so simple, If you know the password and don’t want now to protect your apps. Then open the Clean Master AppLock, same as above I described and It will ask you to draw a pattern or Pin password, as you were locked it. After that, you will see the full list of the apps and a blue Lock icon in the right of the apps If you have locked it. So simply tap on Blue Lock icon to unlock the locked app.

Forgotten Password How to Unlock?

It is another big problem, that happens with most of AppLock users. When you have forgotten the password, then the apps can’t be unlocked. So for this, you will need to use Forgot Password option to reset the password. Follow the steps below to reset Clean Master AppLock password:

  • Open Clean Master, and tap on Lock icon as you opened before, after opening it will ask you to draw a pattern or Pin password then tap on the top right 3 dot menu. You will see Forgot password? option from the menu. tap on the Forgot password? to reset the AppLock password.

Tap-on-top-right-3-dot-menu-and-choose-forget-password Clean Master Applock

  • If you are resetting the first time then you’ll need to login to  Google account, Tap on OK to continue.

Clean Master Applock : Tap-on-OK-to-login-with-Google-Account

  • And on next AppLock will ask you to Sign in with Google. So tap on Sign in with Google, to continue resetting the password.

Clean Master Applock :Signin-to-Google-account-clean-master-applock

  • After Sign in, Tap on Allow button, to allow profile information access to Clean Master AppLock.

Clean Master Applock :Tap-on-Allow-to-allow-Google-account-access-Clean-Master-applock

You can now draw a pattern or pin again to resetting AppLock Password. Let me know if you have any problem.

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7 thoughts on “Lock and Unlock apps from Clean Master Boost and Applock android”

  1. CMLock forgotten password is not working. It is throwing errors and it has locked my entire phone. WHAT THE F- MAN?

  2. I turned on app lock the only app I can access is one of my banks. Surely it wld be same unlock pattern for all. Wont let me sign in to Google either.

  3. though i did go to gmail to set new password..it was coming as error and was saying cant take u there…actually it got locked without my notice…how do in unlock now???

  4. I can lock up my Facebook, WhatsApp, Clash of Clans, Messenger, Gallery and other important apps which may leak your privacy with LEO Privacy. And I can also customize my lock mode which allows me to lock different apps under different circumstances. CM is also a good choice, but I think it isn’t smart enough~


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