Why You Need to Use HideMyAss VPN?

HideMyAss is also referred to as HMA. It is a popular VPN provider based in the US. Owing to its affordable service, it has a large client base of users wishing to access a virtual private network. It also has global coverage with servers in around 190+ countries. It is built and designed in a way to secure your browsing history and protect the online privacy of the users.

It does not maintain a log of your online activities, browsing history and IP address. The most significant advantage of using HMA VPN is that you can get your hands on the online information collections at lightning speed. At the same time, you can protect your device, which can be a router, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Need For VPN

We all need information, share information and access various media for the same. The internet is one such medium. We can surf different websites and look for information. We can also share information with several means provided by the internet like messaging through apps, emails, and many other such options.

But, the most important and most significant concerns of availing these services are the maintenance of privacy. Privacy plays a crucial role in information sharing over any network. It is the attribute owing to which your information is safeguarded and the trust you placed in the system is never breached. There are two primary types of networks, namely public and private. Private networks limit the sharing of information to registered users only.

On the other hand, the information on a public network is available to all the users. There can be a breach of communication in the overlapping of a public and private network. This gives rise to the concept of a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a term used in computer networking, which means the extension of a private network on a public network. It makes the private network execute its task on a public network as if it is a private network. The properties of the private network are implied virtually on the public network. VPN software is needed to be installed on your system to avail of this service. In many operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android, the VPN software is preinstalled. This makes it easier for users to access virtual private networks.

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Features of HideMyAss VPN

Hide My Ass VPN apps are available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone and along with this it is providing Unlimited bandwidth and speed. One more good thing is with it, you can get Unlimited P2P traffic and Torrent downloading support. The 1080+ VPN servers available on 290+ locations in 190+ countries, So you’ll never face server connectivity and speed related problems. A Speed testing tools built-in HideMyAss app which provide accurate VPN connection speed.


The VPN Kill Switch is also offered with which you can instantly stop VPN connection, if necessary. It has a strict Zero Logging policy and gives AES-256 Bit Encryption Security Protection, So you will never feel the need to worry about your privacy and security. If you are not satisfied with the service of HideMyAss VPN, then you can get back your money within 30 days. The Hide My Ass! offers 24X7 support to its customers on all type plans.

There are several features of using HMA VPN. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Lightning Speed: HMA VPN provides a lightning speed of the internet for accessing any information. It can be credited to the availability of servers in 210 countries providing global coverage.
  2. Ease of Accessing Locations: The HMA VPN has a list of locations that can be accessed within a single click. It lets you enjoy your favorite content quite quickly.
  3. Walled Connection: The information shared over the HMA VPN is strongly encrypted. This keeps the risk of malicious attacks at bay.
  4. User Anonymity: The users of HMA VPN always stay anonymous. Their identities are protected, giving them privacy and security.

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Notable Highlights of HideMyAss VPN

  • Smart Kill Switch
  • IP Shuffle
  • Leak Protection
  • Split Tunneling
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Fully Encrypted Servers
  • DDoS Protection
  • P2P optimized servers
  • The most locations of any VPN service
  • OpenVPN protocol

Tools offered by HideMyAss

  • Web Proxy
  • IP Checker
  • DNS Leak Test
  • WebRTC Test

Bottom Line!

The use of HMA VPN is a good practice that helps you keep your data and identity secured. It enhances privacy and checks malicious attacks. You can adeptly use it for logging on to the sites with the restricted geographical coverage.

HMA is also highly recommended for the SEO companies. Have you been using Hide My Ass VPN? Share your experiences with us in the comments below. Also feel free to share your views about some of the other competitors of Hide My Ass VPN.

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