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D-Link application error on Windows 10 :This-app-has-been-blocked-for-your-protection

D-Link application error: This app has been blocked for your protection

Microsoft Windows 10 has advanced security features. If any program has a invalid certificate or security issue then the program will be blocked and...
NewsPaper 7 Theme-Features-review

NewsPaper 7 Theme features review.

We always looking for a nice theme, which has great customization features. such as feature I found in tagDiv NewsPaper 7 Theme. The NewsPaper...

AdSense Violation message received (What to do?)

When we start a blog, then first we think only about Google AdSense because it is a most easier way to earn money online....

Android Settings locked with AppLock password (How to Uninstall app?)

We protect our smartphone apps and settings with Password locking app, such as AppLock. It increases smartphone security and anyone can't access our important...

How to activate Avast Anti-Theft android app?

Avast Anti-Theft is most popular and powerful mobile tracking application. Avast Anti-Theft has many Advanced features: Geofencing, Lock phone, Sound siren, Deny program manager...
Lock-and-unlock-app-Avast-Mobile-Security-App Locking

Lock & Unlock apps with Avast Mobile Security AppLock

Today our apps & privacy security is most important, and we can protect our private apps with AppLock app. Many App Locking apps available...

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