Friday, July 29, 2016

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Reset Smartphone after Locking with Applock app.

In my previous post I had explained about Android Settings locked with AppLock password (How to Uninstall app?). But sometimes it happens that these Apps are...
Asus A555LA-XX2065D Laptop (Core i3 5th Gen)

Asus A555LA-XX2065D 15.6-inch Laptop true review.

Many people always think first about buying a good Core i3 laptop in medium price. And in the medium priced category, lots of Laptops...

WhatsApp: Reply to specific message in any chat.

Now it has become more easier to reply for an individual message in WhatsApp chat, because WhatsApp included Reply to specific message in any...
Sorry we detect your Adblock extension is active. Please turn off or remove the Adblock extension before browsing this site first

How to disable Opera inbuilt adblocker for a specific site.

Opera Browser has inbuilt adblocker application. Which can block all types of advertising from a webpage. Opera adblocker removes advertising code and you will...
Enable-Opera-Battery-Power-saver and increase battery pwerfornce

Enable battery saver & increase battery life with Opera Browser.

We always face battery problem on Laptop, whenever we browse INTERNET with any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge & Internet...
Windows 10 Problem: How-to-Choose-Default-Browser

How to make and change Defaults app on Windows 10

Setting up a default app for specific file on windows, saves our time to open file faster. But for this we need to enable...



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