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How to Optimized Games with Nvidia Geforce Experience?


Do game settings confuse you to understand which settings are best for your game? If yes, then here I’m sharing easy trick with that you can quickly set best optimize settings for your game using Nvidia Geforce Experience. Here I’m also want to clarify that it will only work for Nvidia Graphics card. So if you’re using AMD or Intel … Read more

How to Backup & Restore CS:GO Config File?


When you make any changes to CS:GO Video, Audio, Game, Controller, Crosshair, Keyboard and Mouse settings, it is stored in a config file. If you do not back up this config file, you will have to redo the settings when you want to reinstall the game. Even after remembering all the settings, you forget something or the other and this … Read more

How to Cancel A Subscription on iPhone/iOS

How to cancel subscription in iphone and ios

Many times when we purchase an app subscription, we are not aware of its pros and cons. And sometimes by mistake we buy the service of such an app which is not even needed. If you have purchased any service through App Store on iOS based device and want to cancel it. So here we will tell you step by … Read more

ExpressVPN Review and Features


If you want to enjoy the internet without borders and any restrictions then ExpressVPN would be the right option for you. It is excellent in whitewashing and wiping out all sorts of online censorships and content restrictions that ensure unlimited access to video, social media, and so forth from anywhere around the globe. It works perfectly Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, … Read more

StrongVPN Features and Review


With StrongVPN, your unrestricted internet access becomes smoother, hassle-free and your anonymity gets stronger. The company is dedicated to offering private and safe web experience with no strings attached. The VPN services of StrongVPN are accessible with no logs, no hidden fees, and no false advertising. About StrongVPN First of all, StrongVPN started as a small company in South Lake … Read more

Why You Need to Use HideMyAss VPN?


HideMyAss is also referred to as HMA. It is a popular VPN provider based in the US. Owing to its affordable service, it has a large client base of users wishing to access a virtual private network. It also has global coverage with servers in around 190+ countries. It is built and designed in a way to secure your browsing … Read more

Ways to Fix Apple Watch 7 Battery Draining Too Fast


Apple is one of the top-rated brands that make smartwatches. They comprise the best sports, health, fitness, sorts of highlights with a significant degree of exactness that you can’t find on other smartwatch brands. This absolutely legitimizes its somewhat expensive cost tag, but the issue of battery draining too fast of Apple Watch 7 is one of the common complaints … Read more

How To Fix The Snapchat Tap To Load Problem?


Snapchat is one of the most well-known messaging apps. It is mainly loved by youngsters as they use it for sending and receiving snaps to improve their snap scores and keep up with their Snap streaks. After sending snaps through Snapchat messages, the snaps automatically get destroyed after being viewed by the receiver. This is one of the prime reasons … Read more