How to Create a Bootable Windows 11 USB flash drive?

Download Windows 11

In my previous post I had explainded that how to download Windows 11? and in this post I will tell you step by step guide about how to create a bootable Windows 11 USB/Flash drive using Microsoft Media Creation Tool. About Microsoft Media Creation Tool Microsoft developed this small utility, which helps to download Windows 11 into your PC and … Read more

How to Download Microsoft Windows 11?

Download Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 is officially released for everyone at 5 October 2021. It is available free for existing windows 10 customers and can be downloaded & installed through Windows Update and Microsoft’s Windows 11 Download Assistant. Existing Windows 10 users can get upgrade via Windows Update only if their pc meet requirements otherwise you will get following error: If your … Read more

How to Create YouTube Shorts Video With Filmora?

How to create youtube shorts with Filmora

Do you want to create shorts videos for YouTube & Tiktok or Instagram reels with Wondershare Filmora? If Yes, then here I’m going to tell step by step guide to you. Here, I’m not explaining how to edit Videos with Filmora Video editor because there is plenty of articles and videos available for this. Here I’m tell about how to … Read more

5 Best Free Software For Live Streaming Games

If you’re a gamer and wants to Live Stream Games on YouTube, Facebook & Twitch, then you will need a Streaming or Broadcasting software. There are lots of free and paid software available for broadcasting and it is totally upto you that which one you want to use. But for a new gamer better to go with a free software … Read more

How to Copy A Disk to Another For Free


Have you bought a new disc like HDD, SSD or NVME M.2 drive and want to clone the existing operating system/Partition to a new disc? Then this post is for you. Here, I will clear following queries: How to Copy A System OS to another Disk drive? How to clone partition to new Disk or SSD? How to Migrate Existing … Read more

Spotify vs. Apple Music: Which Music Streaming is best?


Music is the current need of every human being now. People listen to music in every circumstance.  It does not matter if you are happy or gloomy; music will boost your mood every time it hits you up. The modern-day music giants are Spotify and Apple music that provides enough music collection with good navigation. Both music platforms are similar … Read more

5 Best Texts to Speech Software : Free, Paid, Online, offline

Best Text to Speech software for pc free and paid

The text to speech software is booming in the modern world. All these software are devised for helping a lot of cases in computing life. The texts to speech software comes in handy, which means it is convenient to use.  All text to speech software converts the textual forms into speech. The software is good for multitaskers, who do a … Read more

How to Fix “No Internet Found” Error Valorant?

Valorant no Internet found error Fix

Are you facing “No Internet Found” Error for Valorant Game? and wanted to fix the issue but not understanding how to fix it? Don’t worry We are here to tell easy way to solve the issue. As we know Valorant is now most popular competitive game and it is required a good internet connection for smooth gameplay.  And “No Internet … Read more