How To Record Games On Samsung Android Devices?

Samsung Game Recorder 3

Games recording on Samsung Android devices is now easier than before because Samsung included a inbuilt Game recording feature. This function can help for those gamers who are using Samsung latest Android Q (10.0)+ operating system. So you can quickly start recording anytime while you play games like Pubg Mobile, Pubg Mobile Lite, Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Trace a Call?

How Long Does It Take To Trace a Call

We’ve seen it a million times by now in popular TV shows and movies. The team of detectives decides to track down the bad guys by tracking suspect calls. However, the problem is that whatever we’ve witnessed on our screens is far from reality. How Much Time Need to Trace A Call? One popular notion in the early days of … Read more

Top 5 Mobile Operating Systems 2022 (Alternatives to Android)


Android, being the market leader in a mobile operating system is for sure the most popular OS when it comes to Smartphones around the world. Planned essentially for touch-screen phones and tablets, Android is first created by Android Inc. that Google purchased later in the year 2005. Android Operating System was revealed in the year 2007, and then the first … Read more

Best Video Chatting Apps 2022


The most preferably used communication tools these days are Video Chatting Apps. They are quite simple, personalized, and helpful to speak with your friends, family, and companions. With the booming presence of video calling apps, interactions with individuals from around the globe have become alleviated like never before. Even at the time of lockdown, these video chatting apps are being … Read more

Android Vs iPhone in 2022 (Comparative Analysis on Different Grounds)


The booming prevalence of iPhones and Android Smartphones are giving rise to confusion over Android Vs iPhone in 2022. With every new model coming in the marketing, lots of discussions and debates get sparked whether Android or an iPhone is the best buy option for you. – And that is why the cold war these two major Mobile Development Giants … Read more

How to Properly Clean and Disinfect Your Phone & Tablet Screen?

How to properly clean and disinfect Smartphone and tablet

It is vital to keep your tablet and phone screens clean. It is crucial owing to both aesthetic and hygienic reasons to regularly clean and disinfect your phone screen as well as your tablet screen. There are many ways to disinfect and clean the filters of your gadgets nowadays. Protect yourself from bacteria and other germs by maintaining the cleanliness … Read more

Laptop vs. Tablet – Which One is Best For You?


Laptops and Tablets, both are an alternative to your computer. Do you remember the time when you had to work for more extended periods in a chair in front of your computer? There wasn’t any other way of getting up and taking the computer in your comfort area. Also, you couldn’t handle it in your hands. Now, the time has … Read more

How to Record Calls in Samsung M30S Without any App?


Samsung M30S is one best medium range smartphone. It is available in two variant: 4GB & 6GB and available in 3 different colors: Pearl White, Sapphire Blue and Opal Black. It has been powered with 6000 mAh powerful battery. Samsung M30S screen size is 6.4 inch (16.26 cm), it’s 4GB model has 64GB of storage and 6GB has 128GB internal storage. It … Read more

Activate Dark Mode Option in Android 9.0+


Dark mode is a good option for those people who have eyes problem such as low vision. It improves visibility for Phone users because many people does like white screen and they feel pain due to bright light. So in view of this, Google released the Dark Mode feature. This Dark Mode option is also helping users to save smartphone battery … Read more

5 Best Document Scanner Apps For Android & iOS


Do you use your smartphone camera as a document scanner? If yes, then you will be curious to know that which app is best for document scanning? Many people must have used the CamScanner app, which is a most popular Document scanning app with 100 million downloads in Google Play Store. but in recent report it had found that the … Read more

Do You Really Need An Antivirus for Android In 2022?


Do you think an antivirus app need to protect your Android Phone? If yes, then you must read this article. Here we will discuss why do you not need Antivirus app for Android phone. When we think to protect our PC and Smartphone, only one thing comes into our mind that we need the best antivirus. Which can protect our … Read more

5 Best File Sharing Apps Android & iOS (Share Files Offline in 2022)

Best File Sharing Apps for Android And Iphone

File sharing apps help users to easily transfer files from one smartphone to another smartphone. These apps usage device inbuilt WiFi, Hotspot, and Bluetooth to make the connection with other devices. Once the connection is successfully made, we can start file transfer one smartphone data to another by just select and send option. However, many phone developers inbuilt their own … Read more