How to Use Telegram App as Cloud Storage?

How to Use Telegram App as Document Storage

In my one of previous post I had described that How to Use WhatsApp as a private store & transfer files between Computer & Mobile. In this post I will tell you how to use Telegram app as a Document, Videos & Photos cloud storage and how share them between PC and Smartphone? Telegram is now become most popular cross-platform Instant …

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How to Fix Blurry Wallpaper Issue In Apple iPhone/iOS?

How to fix blurry wallpaper screen in iphone ios

After the update of iOS 16.2 Apple has removed default Wallpapers and replaced it with another wallpaper customization feature. Earlier, when you used to set a wallpaper in iPhone, you could set it on the main screen as well as on the lock screen. Or you could have selected both separately. But you can’t add any effect on wallpaper or …

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How to Cancel A Subscription on iPhone/iOS

How to cancel subscription in iphone and ios

Many times when we purchase an app subscription, we are not aware of its pros and cons. And sometimes by mistake we buy the service of such an app which is not even needed. If you have purchased any service through App Store on iOS based device and want to cancel it. So here we will tell you step by …

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Ways to Fix Apple Watch 7 Battery Draining Too Fast


Apple is one of the top-rated brands that make smartwatches. They comprise the best sports, health, fitness, sorts of highlights with a significant degree of exactness that you can’t find on other smartwatch brands. This absolutely legitimizes its somewhat expensive cost tag, but the issue of battery draining too fast of Apple Watch 7 is one of the common complaints …

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Spotify vs. Apple Music: Which Music Streaming is best?


Music is the current need of every human being now. People listen to music in every circumstance.  It does not matter if you are happy or gloomy; music will boost your mood every time it hits you up. The modern-day music giants are Spotify and Apple music that provides enough music collection with good navigation. Both music platforms are similar …

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5 Best Texts to Speech Software : Free, Paid, Online, offline

Best Text to Speech software for pc free and paid

The text to speech software is booming in the modern world. All these software are devised for helping a lot of cases in computing life. The texts to speech software comes in handy, which means it is convenient to use.  All text to speech software converts the textual forms into speech. The software is good for multitaskers, who do a …

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How to Record Screen or Game In iOS/iPhone 11?

How to Record screen or game in Apple ios, iPhone, iPad or ipod

If your are searching for Screen or Game recording app In Apple iPhone/iOS App Store, then wait you don’t need to install third party app for recording because latest iOS or iPhone already have the feature with which you can record screen or game with High quality. The following recording option is disabled by default but can be enable in …

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