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How do We Make Money?

This blog is free for everyone, but we need money to maintain our content free forever. Therefore we use several methods to make money, from them these two are main

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Advertisement & Affiliate Policy

We use third-party companies to serve the advertising, such as Google AdSense. So we don’t have control over the ads what the Advertising is displaying by the Advertisers. Third Party companies use cookies to improve your user experience. We don’t provide any guarantee and not responsible if you purchase any product via the displayed ad. For solving any issue or query, you’ll need to directly contact the company from where you have purchased any product or service.

We also use Affiliate Marketing to earn money, We listed best products for our blog users and before publishing any product, we well researched, experienced & tested. We include affiliate product links in the post. If anyone clicks on the affiliate link, they will be redirected to the official product site or the product purchase page. After that, if the user buys the product, then we get a small commission from product vendor, but it will not affect you because the product price will remain same.

Copyright Policy

I’m Pramod Yadav, who is the legal copyright owner of the content on this blog. The content can’t be reproduced or published in other places without my permission.

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We reserve the right, So we can anytime change the focus on of the blog, improve the design of the blog, shut it down anytime, sell it to others or change terms of use.

Privacy Statement

We do not sell our reader’s information such as Name, Contact Number or Email to any other company. Reader’s Privacy is our priority, so we don’t spam the reader’s Email ID’s and always keeps private.

Comments Policy:

We reserve all the rights to approve or disapprove comments. We welcome comments, but only real comments will be accepted If your comment abusing, spamming or hurting to anyone’s will not be published. We can also moderate your comments to remove grammar mistakes to maintain comments box keeps clean and error free.