How to Activate 360 Security Find My Phone Feature

Notice: 360 Security app is no longer in development, so the information in the posts is no longer relevant or useful.

360 Security app is the best free antivirus for android smartphone. It has some rich features such as Ram & disk cleaner, AppLock, Call & SMS Filter, Data monitor & it also has mobile tracker option name Find My Phone. With Find My Phone you can easily track your android smartphone location. When your phone is lost or someone stole it. What will you do then? You can’t do anything, because if you have not installed the mobile tracker on your smartphone then you can not find it.

Therefore it is necessary that install a good mobile tracker app on your smartphone. If your smartphone has mobile tracker then you can find it online Or if someone has stolen your smartphone then when a SIM is changed, then the mobile tracker shall send a message from the new SIM, then you can call on that number to contact person. And if he/she still does not return your cell phone, then sending text messages to your smartphone you can ring the alarm, can lock & can delete all data from your smartphone.

360 Security Find My Phone (Mobile Tracker):

Update: Find My Phone service has been closed by 360 Security.

360 Security Application has been advanced mobile tracker feature. As the GPS on your smartphone, you can find out the location of the smartphone online. If GPS is not turned on. You can ring the alarm by sending SMS to the mobile. And still not get your smartphone then You can lock smartphone or delete the data. So in this post, I’ll show you how to enable find my phone feature in 360 Security app?

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How to activate 360 Security Find My Phone feature?

If you don’t have 360 Security Smartphone then download from Google Play Store

>>Click here to download from Google Play Store<<

Or If you have already installed 360 Security Application then follow these easy steps-

  •  Open 360 Security app on your smartphone & Tap on top left corner 3 line menu of 360 security app.
  • A menu will appear. In this menu tap on Find My Phone Option.
  • Now in the Find My Phone, if you want to activate 360 Security Find My Phone tap on bottom Activate button.
  • Now it will ask you to choose your Gmail account, tap to select Gmail account. If you don’t have any account then you must need to create one.
  • After choosing Gmail account one next screen it will ask you to allow access to your profile information. To allow access tap on bottom right ALLOW button.

Now you have successfully activated Find My Phone feature in 360 Security app. This is just activation of 360 Find My Phone feature activation if you need help on other Find My Phone options read >>This post<<.

Any problem & suggestion please leave a message.

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7 thoughts on “How to Activate 360 Security Find My Phone Feature”

  1. I have lost my phone , and I believe the phone has been switched off and possibly my sim card removed . how can I locate it.

  2. I have 360 security app installed in my cell phone.
    I call up the web site from my pc to find my lost phone.
    I already login my gmail account which required from 360 security website.
    It activates to find my location of my lost phone.
    But it ends up to show
    “Send the following SMS content from any other device to your lost device locate#nnnnnn”
    where nnnnnn is some number.
    What is the above text means ? What is nnnnnn meaning ? How should I know the location of my lost phone ?
    How can I send SMS from my pc to my lost phone ?
    If the lost phone has been turned off, sending SMS is no use !
    The most important is the location of my lost phone so I can go trace it., how should I know ?
    A lot of ambiguous things in 360 securities have not explained in details.or in FAQ webpage.

    • Hello ZANNY CHIU, 360 security and other mobile tracker apps will only work, if your device location service is enabled and it also has working data connection enabled. If the your missing phone is not connected to Internet or the location service is not available, then it shows offline then You can send locate#nnnnnn command from any phone using SMS to your lost phone number. from anyyour device through SMS commands.It will enable Internet in your phone and location service. So your phone will go live and the you can track using And if your phone is switched off then no one can help to track to find your phone.

  3. i’ve lost my phone yesterday. and i dont know where to find it. I installed 360 security app on the phone i’ve lost and i also sign up to find phone…. now i am log in in 360 find phone already but i am using laptop of my friend how can i retrieved my phone back? the contact that i put seems they are not texting any message from it. the question is do i have to install this app to the phone of the contact number?
    hope you can help ,me. thanks

  4. what if 360 security lite is the app that has the app lock on it? even though i never used the app lock for any of my apps, everytime i turn on my tablet it goes straight to the 360 security lite pattern app lock screen where im suppose to do a pattern which of course i dont know. so after about 10sec it shuts off. i cant get access to my user account. im screwed.


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