How to Type the Cent Symbol on Your Computer?


It isn’t weird at all if you are also someone who goes blank if they think about adding symbols while typing on their Android phones, computers, laptops or MacBook It happens with every other individual, and even if people know about it, they often get confused about the procedure. Sometimes people forget the numeric that has to be used and … Read more

Windows vs. Linux: Which Operating System you should use?


This is the era of computers. They have conquered the world and influenced all walks of our lives. A computer is a system that helps us solve some day-to-day issues and complete some tasks. In technical words, it can be defined as a system that takes inputs from the user and then computes the data to give the desired output. … Read more

Laptop vs. Tablet – Which One is Best For You?


Laptops and Tablets, both are an alternative to your computer. Do you remember the time when you had to work for more extended periods in a chair in front of your computer? There wasn’t any other way of getting up and taking the computer in your comfort area. Also, you couldn’t handle it in your hands. Now, the time has … Read more

Download Advanced SystemCare (ASC) Pro 14 Trial (15 Days Free)


Advanced SystemCare or ASC Pro 14  is finally out. This time, iObit is giving upto 15 Days free trial on Advanced System Care 14 version. This 15-day trial version allows you to unlock full features of PRO version at the free of cost. And after the 15 days trial period, you will have to purchase a pro version license, only … Read more

How to Record Games With NVIDIA Geforce Experience (ShadowPlay)?


For recording a computer screen, we use a best screen recording software, once the recording completes we can edit the video with any Video Editing software. Recently I bought the MSI RTX 2060 Graphic Card and tried to record videos with many different tools but didn’t get the satisfaction. After some time I found Nvidia offers its own Desktop and … Read more

5 Best Screen Capturing Tools for Windows Free & Paid (2022)


A Screenshot Tool helps to capture screen anytime on Windows. Usually, we use the Print Screen button for taking screenshots, but it doesn’t always work in Windows. Therefore we need a good alternative, which can capture the screen for free. So if you’re looking for a best free screenshot tool or screen capturing tool then here I’m listing 5 Best … Read more

How to Take Screenshots In Windows 10 Without Snipping Tool?


In the previous version of Windows we could easily took the screenshots by pressing Printscreen button but in the latest version of Windows 10 the Printscreen button stopped working and now it is a bit tough to take the snapshots without any software such as Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch. Here are few tricks that we were using for … Read more

How to Move Existing OS from HDD or SSD to A Samsung SSD?


When we purchase a brand new Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) and want to replace with old drive, which is currently attached in the System. The first problem we face related to OS, The Operating System which is installed on the previous drive, can’t be moved to new drive easily. If we do simple copy paste … Read more

AOMEI Backupper Review (2022)


AOMEI Backupper is an advanced all in one backup & restore tool. It is not only a data backupper or restorer utility, you can also easily take a snapshot image of your any existing drive, and later the cloned image can be restored to a new HDD or SSD. So, if you clone your current Operating System and want to … Read more

How to Install a Guest OS in Oracle VirtualBox? (Complete Guide)

How to install a Guest OS in VirtualBox Virtual Machine

Oracle VirtualBox helps to run multiple OS at the same time on a single Computer Desktop or Laptop. VirtualBox is based on Virtualization technology, when you install a new Guest OS (Operating System) in the VirtualBox, then all the operating system files install inside a Virtual Disk Image (VDI) or Virtual Hard Drive (VHD), so it doesn’t mess another operating … Read more

5 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows (2022)


A Screen Recording Software helps us to record PC and Laptop live screen video. If you want to record Videos for YouTube or you’re making a video-based project for your company and need to capture live video recording of the screen then here we’re listing 5 best Screen Recording Software 2022 for your Windows PC. 5 best Screen Recording Software … Read more

Track Windows Laptop Online Using ESet Anti-Theft.


Are you using Eset Anti Theft on your Windows Laptop? If Yes then in this post I’m going to explain that how can you track your Windows Laptop with Eset Anti-Theft after losing or when someone robbed it. Before reading below steps, I’m going to tell the truth behind the Anti Theft or other device tracking systems. If you think after … Read more

How to Activate ESet Internet Security Anti-Theft on Windows Laptop?

Eset Internet Security Anti-theft activation 1

Do you use Eset Internet Security Antivirus on your Windows Laptop? Then you’ll have seen an Anti-Theft feature in the Tools section of the Internet Security. If you didn’t know about the Anti-Theft then first understand that What the feature has the specialty? Let’s understand “The Anti-Theft is a powerful tool which may help you to get back your device … Read more

5 Best Data Recovery Software For Windows & Mac PC (2022)

5 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows & Mac

Data corruption is the typical problem nowadays. When a disk or drive corrupts due to a bad sector or a virus infection, we think now it can’t be recovered. So we format and again start using the disk, but you’re unaware that the corrupted or lost data can be retrieved via a Best Data Recovery Software. The Data Recovery Software deeply … Read more