How to Block call on Android using 360 security antivirus

Notice: 360 Security app is no longer in development, so the information in the posts is no longer relevant or useful.
Are you getting many unwanted calls on your Android Smartphone, Including some of your acquaintance and some inadvertently? So it is very troubled indeed because sometimes we are busy in important work and only want to receive urgent calls. If Someone calls you again and you are tired of disconnecting the calls. Then what will you do? You’ll be switched off the phone because you will not have any other way.
But in case if You have installed 360 Security antivirus on your smartphone. All Unwanted, Unknown, Hidden, Unneeded calls can be blocked just before arrival to your Phone. So today I will show you, how to block unwanted calls with 360 Security Antivirus Boost.

Block Unwanted calls with 360 Security Antivirus (Android)

First, download “360 Security antivirus” into your smartphone if you don’t have. Download 360 Security from Google Play Store

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1- Open it when it gets installed. If it is already installed can open it from the Notifications Bar.

2- Now tap on the menu button of 360 Security Antivirus & Choose “Calls an SMS filter” option from the menu.


3- Now tap on the filter settings.

How to block calls with 360 Security Antivirus boost

If you want to block any call then it is must necessary that enter a mobile number into the blacklist. To put the number on the blacklist.

4- Tap on the Add button.

How to block calls with 360 Security Antivirus boost 2

5- Now the menu, you’ll see four options. The first option you can add the number from call history. by the second option, you can add the number from SMS history. The third option is to save the contact number so you can add. The fourth option, you can add a number manually.

How to block calls in 360 security antivirus boost add number to blacklist

6- To manually add Number-
(a) Tap on the “manual input” Option.

How to block call with 360 Security Antivirus boost manual input

(b) To add the number in the first box. Now you can save the name in the second box. Tap on the OK button to save it. Now, this number has been saved in the blacklist.


(c) When you wish to delete by tapping on remove icon.

How to block call with 360 security antivirus boost remove number from black list

To add a mobile number from the call history-
(i) Tap on the “from call log” option.

How to block calls with 360 Security Antivirus boost add number from call log blacklist

(ii) Now, select the number from the list. After selecting the number tap OK.

How to block call with 360 security antivirus boost select number from contacts

(iii) Mobile number has been successfully added to the blacklist.

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Similarly, you can add the mobile number from the SMS history and from the Contacts. When you add a mobile number to the blacklist, then when you will get a call from your blacklisted mobile phone, the call will be disconnected automatically and you will see a missed call into notification bar. You can view Missed Call History in the Call Filter option-


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6 thoughts on “How to Block call on Android using 360 security antivirus”

  1. I used this feature to stop someone contacting me. Unfortunately it deleted all their texts and didnt block them from texting me still. Tried to contact 360 about it, have been blanked myself. No good.

  2. Did you try to add your country code before the number eg.. +1, +91. etc. because when you receive the call it comes with country code, if you have not added country code then it will be not blocked by 360 Security.

  3. I have a number that keeps calling me. I have blocked it several times, but they call even after I block it. It’s the same number. And it’s like it can’t be blocked. Is there anything I can do to stop them? It seems all other numbers are being blocked by 360 security.


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