How to unlock apps from 360 Security Applock?

Notice: 360 Security app is no longer in development, so the information in the posts is no longer relevant or useful.

As we know 360 Security Antivirus provides best malware & virus protection for Android devices. Along with the security of your device, you can protect your app (application) with its AppLock feature. 360 Security also works well in memory cleaner, disk cleaner, battery saver.

In my previous post, I explained how to lock apps with 360 security App Lock feature. But many Applock users are facing the problem of forgetting passwords. Here are some of their questions-

  • After forgetting how to unlock AppLock password?
  • How to reset the AppLock password?
  • How to disable Applock, if forgot password?
  • Is there something else I can do to unlock my apps?
  • I forgot my pattern password AppLock using my 360 security?
  • Is Without a password can unlock the AppLock?

Ans. -Yes, you can disable 360 Security AppLock, if you have forgotten your password. And apps can unlock by using these steps-

How to recover 360 AppLock Password?

If you have turned on Clear Data Protection, so it will work 100%-

Start 360 Security & tap on Top left the menu.


In 360 Security Menu tap on AppLock option.


Now Applock asks you for entering the password or draws pattern. If you do not remember the password or pattern, then-

  1. tap on the top right 3 dotted menu.y
  2. You will see Forgot passcode? option, tap on this.
  3. A confirmation box will appear, tap on confirm.


On next you will need to verify Google account.

  1. Enter the correct password of your google account in the password box.
  2. Tap on next at bottom right.
  3. A confirmation box will appear tap on OK to confirm.


If you have entered the password correctly, then your 360 Security App lock should be disabled.

If above not working then try resetting 360 Security app-

Go to smartphone Settings & tap on Apps (or Application manager).


In Apps (Application manager) Tap on 360 Security.


In 360 Security App info, Tap on Force Stop & confirm Force stop by pressing OK. (360 Security Service is now stopped and all applications are unlocked too. You can open any app which locked with AppLock, but the 360 security service will start as soon as. So all applications will be locked again.


If you want to completely reset 360 security app as default state then click on Manage Space.

Note: – It will work only when you have not turned on Clear data protection in 360 Security AppLock settings. If you have this option turned on, you’ll see the password screen & cannot be reset.


A confirmation box will appear tap on Confirm to reset 360 Security app data.


If it does not work, then please uninstall the 360 security.

Another way to open Apps without password (Force Stop Process with developer option)-

Go to Smartphone Settings & tap on Developer Option.


In Developer option tap on process stats.


You will see all application which is running in the background. You will need to stop 360 Security, 360 Security (ui) & 360 Security (nls), Force stop these three services one by one.

Now your 360 Security app fully stopped & You can open all applications, which locked with 360 Security AppLock.

Settings Locked with 360 Security AppLock:

This will only work if Unknown sources option is enabled, Settings is locked so you can’t access App (Application) Manager and can’t uninstall the 360 Security AppLock. In this situation, a third party uninstaller app can help you. You can download an app uninstaller program from Google Play Store eg: Easy Uninstaller. Or if you have also locked Google Play Store with AppLock then download it with third-party App Store: eg: Mobogenie, 9Apps and Android Mirror because Unknown sources option available in the Settings and your settings are already locked with AppLock then download it from third-party Apps store:

After download & install, open Easy Uninstaller or Clean Master and uninstall 360 Security App. It will solve your problem easily.

Factory Reset Smartphone:

  • If you are unable to unlock the smartphone’s settings and can’t install Easy Uninstaller and Clean Master app, then the only option remains that is Factory hard reset.

If don’t know “how to Factory Hard Reset” read this post: Hard reset Android Smartphone.

I hope that your problem will be resolved.

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11 thoughts on “How to unlock apps from 360 Security Applock?”

  1. My daughter can’t remember the code as she changes her code all the time. Now she cannot get into her phone at all. Please could anyone help. She has a Vodafone Tab3

    • I had my kid’s phone locked out just like that.
      It completely blocked her out from using any of her phone. Galaxy s3.
      Then, I took the advice from one of these solution sites, I pressed down home+power+volume buttons at the same time while the phone was power off.
      That led me to the SAFE MODE screen. I didn’t know the phone also has safe mode. Haha. Then I could comfortably go to the Settings, and uninstall the 360 security from Application Manager.
      After all that, power off the phone again to get out of the safe mode. And you have everything back to your original saved, yours are all there intact. Good Luck!

  2. HTC 826 desire phone is locked by 360 security when I tap password to unlock its not appears only voice comes up but useless out


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