How to Change the Downloads Folder in Microsoft Edge?


The Microsoft Edge is now based on Chromium, by default it saves all the downloads in the “Downloads” folder on C:\ drive. You will not face any problem until you have a drive with huge empty space. But in case you have low space on the local C:\ drive then you will start seeing notification related to low space and … Read more

Android Vs iPhone in 2020 (Comparative Analysis on Different Grounds)


The booming prevalence of iPhones and Android Smartphones are giving rise to confusion over Android Vs iPhone in 2020. With every new model coming in the marketing, lots of discussions and debates get sparked whether Android or an iPhone is the best buy option for you. – And that is why the cold war these two major Mobile Development Giants … Read more

How to Change Network Profile to Public or Private in Windows 10?


Have you noticed while connecting to a network for the first time, a pop-up option that asks you to set the network as ‘Public’ or ‘Private’?  Here actually begins the journey of Public Network Vs Private Network. The setting of Public Network or Private Network in Windows 10 actually enables you to choose if you want your computer to be … Read more

How to Set an Alarm on the Mac Book

How to set an alarm on Macbook

If you own a Mac Book, you might wonder how you are going to set the alarm if you aren’t aware of it- Because the setting of the alarm clock is way too different from that of Android phones. Although both are different, they allow you to set up reminders and alerts if you need them. Alarms help you to … Read more

Best Password Managers 2020: How to keep Password Safe Online?


The Internet reserves some part of every sphere of our lives. As a result, it stores various types of data, including data that need to be private. Some of the things that we put up online require protection so that they can only be accessed by the owner. This is where the role of passwords becomes important. Almost every account … Read more

How to Type the Cent Symbol on Your Computer?


It isn’t weird at all if you are also someone who goes blank if they think about adding symbols while typing on their Android phones, computers, laptops or MacBook It happens with every other individual, and even if people know about it, they often get confused about the procedure. Sometimes people forget the numeric that has to be used and … Read more

Best Steam Alternatives: Where to Buy Cheap PC Games Online?


Steam is the first name that comes to mind when we think of the digital distribution of games for PC. It has the record for serving up to 2.4 billion games as of March 2017. The reason why Steam became so popular over the past century is because of the features they offer, like excellent security, a plethora of games, … Read more

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN: Which One is Best and When?


Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides you with a better privacy facility while you are online- through creating a private network connection for any public Internet connection. They mask the users’ Internet Protocol (IP) address so that they are secure, and nothing could be traceable from the browsing or personal data and information. They establish encrypted connections and security for the … Read more