Can We Protect Our Privacy on Android Smartphone?


Nowadays, many Android users are facing data theft related incidents. Whether someone believes or not, nearly every person’s data is stolen, or the user unknowingly allows itself. The extent comes when the user does not care about the security of their privacy despite knowing, as their privacy is nothing for them. But when a big data breach scandal comes to our … Read more

How to Secure an Android Smartphone in 2020?

How to Secure an Android Smartphone

Is Android really safe? This question often comes to your mind and you always worry about your Android Phone Security. Sometimes we see unnecessary push notifications in the notification bar, some of which also seem spam. When we browse a website using a browser on Android, suddenly we see a warning: “Your phone is slow click on the fix to resolve … Read more

How to Block an App from Accessing the Internet Android?

How to Block an App from accessing the Internet Android Oreo

On Android Smartphone, every app running in the background always use Internet data without your permission. If you’re on an unlimited data plan, then there is no problem because you don’t have any restriction of data, but if you have limited data usage plan, your data will be wasted due to Background Data usage. Therefore, blocking an app from accessing … Read more

How to Move Apps to SD Card on Android Oreo 8.0?


When you use a new Android Smartphone without External SD CARD, all apps install in the Internal Phone Memory. Therefore, the phone storage fills up soon. Once you start using SD Card, new apps will begin installing on External Memory, if you selected proper settings. But old apps will be still on Phone memory, and all storage will remain same … Read more

How to Report an Android app (error) bug to the app developer?


If you use Android Smartphone, then you sometimes face many unwanted bugs while using favorite apps. If the error is common, means every smartphone user is getting the same bug/error/crash problem then developers automatically identify and will fix the issue in next upcoming app update. But what you’ll do, if the thing is only happening to you or it is … Read more

How to Delete Mistakenly Sent Messages on WhatsApp?


Have you mistakenly sent a message to your WhatsApp friend or family member? If yes, then now you can delete all those messages which you have sent by mistake within 7-minutes. There is also another condition; the message can be only deleted if the receiver has not checked it. Means the message has been delivered to your friend number, but … Read more

How to Reset An App on Android?


If you continue seeing an error when you are launching the specific app on Android Oreo 8.1 or Android Pie 9.0, then it means something you have misconfigured in the app settings or the app doesn’t have support for your Android Phone. In this situation, you can’t use the app until you don’t reset the app. So if you’re using … Read more