What Does HMU Mean? and How to Use it?

One of the words you often hear from young people these days is “HMU.” But what does it mean, and why is it so popular? Well, HMU stands for “Hit Me Up.” It’s a way of saying, “Get in touch with me” or “message me.” People like using it because it’s easygoing and fits well in casual chats or online. So, when you see HMU, it’s just an informal way of inviting someone to reach out or connect. In today’s digital conversations, understanding these kinds of shortcuts helps us keep up with the way people communicate.

HMU Meaning


These are a few questions that might come in your mind when you first come across this acronym. However, a lot of people know the term yet do not know the correct use of it.

HMU is an acronym for, “HIT ME UP.” The phrase is used to ask someone things like texting me, call me, contact me, or even Follow me. To deliver the meaning simply, this placed to convey to a person, to contact them but not now. These days, people are so caught up in the work that they prefer using short forms of words to communicate over social media.

Besides the meaning mentioned above, because of the short form of hmu, it has some other implications as well. Since it is an acronym, it is easy to fit in the acronym at a lot of places such as other phrases. You HMU can use the same as “Hold My Umbrella”, though it is not the real meaning.

In addition to this, there are other meanings of HMU as well.

  • Help Me Understand
  • Hook Me Up
  • Height Monitoring Unit
  • Hold My Unicorn
  • Hollow Masonry Unit
  • Hydro-Mechanical Unit

Synonyms of HMU:

  • Call me back.
  • Get in touch with me.
  • Returned my calls.
  • Contact me.
  • You could call me.
  • Can you call me soon?
  • Call me later.
  • Talk to me.
  • Could you message me?
  • Could you get back with me?
  • Let’s hang out.

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History of HMU

Like any other acronym, HMU too came into use with the sole purpose to reduce the texting time. There came in a trendy breeze of using abbreviations instead of whole phrases or words amongst the youth.

Later, the real meaning of HMU from “hit me up” got more and more meanings. The direct meaning still being to- catch up later rather than now.

Being one of the most popular abbreviations used by young people, it is majorly used over text on social media platforms. But it is now even used in everyday language by a diverse group of people.

How Do I Use HMU?

How to use HMU

Like mentioned before, the meaning of HMU has been diversified. So, with so many meanings, you might still be wondering where and how to use it between the phrases. Now, its use depends on the context of your topic. Of course! One can use HMU in below-stated ways and contexts:

HMU with a TBH

You can surely use HMU (Hit Me Up) with a TBH (To Be Honest). Using both of these acronyms together means that you want the person to tell their honest opinion and perspective about you.

HMU with Plans

One can even use HMU while making plans or asking the person making one keep you updated.

HMU with Moves

This directly means that you want participation in a plan, usually a crime that is plotted against someone.


With the trend keeping on, soon there are going to be even a number of acronyms for other phrases as well. How significantly do you use the term HMU in your life?

Are you having any interesting incidents associated with HMU? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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