AnyDesk vs. TeamViewer: Which is Better Remote Desktop Software?

The quest of best suited remote desktop software keeps on booming and equally perplexing these days. – And the reason is the availability of a wide range of remote connection tools for fulfilling the needs of individuals as well as businesses of all sizes. To assist you with settling on the best choice quicker, today we have come up with a comprehensive analysis of AnyDesk Vs TeamViewer.

So, dive deeper into the post to discover which one in between these two remote access tools can best meet your business as well as professional prerequisites. Let us start analyzing AnyDesk first, and then we will decipher the world of TeamViewer. Finally, we will do a comparative analysis as well.

About AnyDesk

It came into the existence in the year 2014. With AnyDesk, you will get some of the most awesome and personalized remote access highlights, for example, cloud-based access, unattended access, and easy remote transferring of files.


It comes up with easy browsing experience along with consolidated and shrouded menus that make it quite simple to utilize. You will also find that its screen sharing programming is anything but difficult to utilize locally just as remotely with the assistance of any smart gadget.

It is also top-notch in offering file transfer at 60 FPS (outlines every second) over LAN just as web, safely. Some of the significant features of AnyDesk are-

  • You will get Remote Server Monitoring
  • Simple to perform Mobile to PC Remote Control
  • Availability of Whitelist
  • You will get widget-motivated User Interface
  • It offers multiple language support

Pros of AnyDesk:

  • Easy Download and Installation thanks to its installation file of 1.1 MB that makes it very light remote access solution
  • It comes up with Low-Latency and hence, its services are quick and its remote access screen works nearly as fast as the local framework
  • It does not have any Session Limit; Pop up Timers, or no-time restrictions. Plus it does not need sign-up or individual details
  • It offers a responsive interface, plus you will also get benefits of having features that support keyboard use
  • You can also find out AnyDesk Android, AnyDesk for Windows and AnyDesk for MacOS

Cons of AnyDesk:

  • Some of the times a few users face issues of not being able to copy from their remote machine and paste it in their current PC. Thought latest version has tried resolving this
  • You may face resolution glitches in some of the cases alterations in the goals of remote desktop don’t work appropriately
  • Installation of the software is required in the local machine if clients need to access or do some changes in system files

About TeamViewer

It came into existence in the year 2005. Understood as one of the main and most reputed remote access solutions, Team Viewer empowers professionals and businesses to get to remote working frameworks most securely.


By choosing TeamViewer, you will have a powerful remote User Interface that enables clients to consistently drag and drop files from the remote system to their local system and the other way around. Some of the most crucial features of TeamViewer-

  • Safe and fully secure Remote Access
  • Effective compatibility for multiple platforms
  • Offers you remote hardware access
  • You will get easy Text, Audio, and Video Communication

Pros of TeamViewer:

  • With TeamViewer, you will get benefits of free Download and Installation. You can install it on all the significant platforms
  • You will get Cloud-based Services and it likewise gives clients the option to legitimately get to TeamViewer via any browser
  • It comes up with simplified drag and drop features which will enable you to copy and paste any file from the remote system to local system and vice versa
  • It permits authorized clients to enjoy easy remote access in a personalized manner
  • You will enjoy multiple sessions in one go

Cons of TeamViewer:

  • With TeamViewer, large file sharing can be an onerous task
  • While reaching its file-sharing ability at the final stage, it starts lagging
  • TeamViewer does not efficiently work upon a proxy server
  • When internet bandwidth is low, its efficiency goes down

Now, as you are well aware of all the key features, upsides and downsides of AnyDesk and TeamViewer both, let us now do their comparative analysis on different grounds-

AnyDesk Vs TeamViewer Feature Comparison


1) AnyDesk Vs TeamViewer on the grounds of Performance

When it comes to performance, AnyDesk will let you enjoy better navigational properties and an easy to use interface with speedy commands.

On the other hand, TeamViewer gives an assortment of highlights that will ease down your communication. Hence, it is considered perfect for the sharing of light files.

Subsequently, as far as execution and perform, both are similarly skillful.

2) AnyDesk Vs TeamViewer on the grounds of Security

With AnyDesk, you will get a safe ambiance to remote associations. It comes up with bank-standard TLS 1.2 Encryption to protect your information. You will also get RSA 2048 lopsided key for each meeting.

If you opt for TeamViewer, it will let you enjoy AES session encryption for extra security. You will likewise get a two-step security highlight for sessions in this as well.

Both are quite good when it comes to offering good security.

3) AnyDesk Vs TeamViewer on the grounds of Compatibility

With AnyDesk, you will get compatibility just with fewer versions of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Likewise, it doesn’t offer compatibility with iPadOS, and its iOS compatibility starts with iOS11.

On the other hand, TeamViewer is good with all the client versions. It supports iOS 10 as well, together with; you will get compatibility for Windows 2000 SP4 to Windows Vista ¹, Windows 7, Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1, and every single imaginable Windows 10 adaptations.

All in all, when it comes to compatibility, TeamViewer is the winner.

In addition to these grounds, when it comes to pricing, you will get AnyDesk at INR 791.28

Per Month while TeamViewer is available at INR 31400 Onetime payment.

Bottom Line about AnyDesk Vs TeamViewer!

On the concluding note, we hope you would have understood the key features. Now the selection of the best option in between these solely depends upon your specific requirements and spending plan.

So, what do you expect from your remote desktop solution? Tell us in the comment section below, so our experts can guide you in choosing the best one in between AnyDesk and TeamViewer.

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