How to Run Multiple android apps with ARC Welder

Arc welder is a developer tool. Allowing you to install android apps in the Chrome browser, Which can run most easily on Chrome OS, Mac, Windows, or Linux computers. When I wrote the previous post How To Play Android Apps/Games on PC With Arc Welder (Chrome Browser). Then I was told that only one app at a time with arc welders can run. But it is not entirely true, Here’s a way with which you can run multiple apps simultaneously installed. For this, you may have some difficulty. Keep in mind, some apps may not work properly.

How to run Multiple Apps with ARK Welder

Follow the steps below to run multiple android apps with ARK Welder extension

1.   Download & Install ARC Welder, Check this: How to download & install ARC Welder.
2.    Download your APK files.
3.    Launch ARC Welder and choose the “Add your APK” option and select your APK.
4.    First, check your app are working or not. click “Launch App to test the app and see if it works properly (many apps such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp may not work).
5.    After testing, Click on the Download ZIP option.
6.    Navigate to the folder where you downloaded that ZIP file.
7.    Unzip the file you just created to a new folder (or the same one).

8.    Open the Chrome web browser-
(1)  Click on “Customize and Control Google Chrome” Menu.
(2)  Now click on settings from the menu
(3)  And then click on “Extensions” from the left pane.
(4)  At the top of the page, check the box Developer mode-
Arc Welder Multi app setup

(5) Click the button that says “Load unpacked extension”
(6) and select the folder where you just unzipped your file.
(7) After selecting unzipped file folder click on OK.

Arc Welder Multi app setup (2)
All done! If everything perfect, then you’ll see a new entry in your Extensions list & also in your Chrome app launcher for the app you just installed.
The process is little a bit difficult, and yes, The Android app zip file you have created, only have to unzip the file to a new folder… You’ll need to follow these steps for each Android app that you want to install. But once you’ve finished, you can launch any of your installed Android apps from the Chrome launcher menu.

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If you have followed the process correctly then you will run multiple android apps with ARK Welder without any problem.
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