NordVPN Features Review 2023

NordVPN is a top-notch quality VPN service which is top rated by PC Magazine name “PC MAG”.  A VPN Service should be only purchased from a reliable service provider. Hence, always avoid those cheap VPN service providers that are not trustable. NordVPN is a reliable service provider in the world and along with the trust, it offers upto 68% discount when you purchase a long-term plan.

NordVPN Features


Internet Security is our first concern If a VPN service can’t provide the security then what is the purpose to use of a VPN. Therefore NordVPN protects your Internet Connection with Military-grade encryption, CyberSecurity, and Double VPN protection.

Military-grade encryption

NordVPN provides a powerful Internet Traffic encryption with its cutting-edge technology. The Military-grade encryption encrypts the Internet connection between your Computer/device and connected NordVPN server.


The NordVPN offers CyberSec option, The Cybersec helps to block malicious websites. So you’ll always remain safe from the malwares, viruses and from hackers that can make your device infected with unknown viruses. At the same time, this feature blocks all irritating ads but before start using the CyberSec, you’ll need to enable it first.


NordVPN always works smartly and automatically starts VPN connection whenever you connect your device to a WiFi network. And also the WiFiSec feature can be set up to auto-connect on both secured and unsecured WiFi Networks.

Double VPN

The Double VPN encryption security is available, which increase the protection level of your data. The data which will be transferred between your device & NordVPN server via a VPN tunnel, encrypted with the dual layer of security. You can better understand the Double VPN security by reading this: What is Double VPN?


If you use the NordVPN service, then you’ll not need to worry about your online privacy leakage problem. It gives real-time privacy protection when you’re working online. It hides your real IP address and browsing data while you browsing the web. As well as It doesn’t store your Personal Information and data, therefore your private data can’t be sold to the third party. Along with this you’ll get following benefits with NordVPN:

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Hide Real IP address

When you go to online, The IP address is your real identity. This is only way with that the Government, websites, and cybercriminals can identify your actual device location. If the real IP address will be hidden then no one can catch you where are you from?. So you can access all the blocked website in your country and even when if a website blocked your IP address or your full ISP network then it also can be easily bypassed with a NordVPN service.

When you connected with NordVPN then your original ISP will only know that you’re using a VPN and except this nothing will be shown in their server logs.

Strict no-logs policy

NordVPN follows a strict no-logs (Zero Logging) policy. So they don’t track your Internet activity or what are you doing online after connecting with NordVPN service. Therefore the information won’t be the sale because they will not have any data in their records.

Automatic Kill Switch

Suppose you’re browsing and suddenly your VPN connection drops, then the Automatic Kill Switch will instantly close the Internet connection on your Device. And also block the other apps from accessing nonsecure your ISP provided the Internet connection. This will prevent your privacy data from being shown to ISP.

DNS leak protection

NordVPN has been built with DNS leak protection technology. The DNS or Domain Name System works for resolving the domain name to connect to the actual IP address of a server. Understand this you’ve entered an URL eg: and hit entered. Then the first browser looks at the DNS Server to fetch the IP addresses of and after resolving IP address the site will start loading. So NordVPN prevents DNS to fetching information from outside the VPN tunnel. And all the information will be sent through an encrypted connection.

Additional Onion Network  Protection

The NordVPN offers additional benefits of Onion Network. You must have heard about Tor browser. Tor full-form is “The Onion Routers”, it uses the onion network for routing traffic and encrypting data. The Tor Browser is a great power source of anonymity but the problem is that it only supports HTTP traffic. With the NordVPN an extra layer of security will be added, which makes your VPN connection more secure than a normal VPN service.

Chrome & Firefox NordVPN Extension

Now NordVPN extension for Chrome & Firefox Browser is also available, This extension will help to make your Internet connection secure when you use Chrome Browser and Firefox Browser. You can switch from one county location to another with this Proxy Extension easily. However, for doing the same thing you can download the NordVPN app for Windows, iOS (iPhone), Android, and MacOS.

Remove Content & streaming site access restriction

So far you will have understood. A VPN service unblocks the content access restriction, If a website restricted content for their country and no can access the content except their country people then only a VPN can help you. With the VPN you can select the country location and all the traffic bypassed and the Website will see your IP is from their country. So the content will be unlocked for you.

The same thing will also work when you watch the video on YouTube or any other Video Streaming sites. If a Video has been restricted for a country then it can’t be viewed in other countries. In this situation, a good VPN will also help. Along with this NordVPN supports Smartplay and P2P file sharing system.

Servers Availability

NordVPN is a biggest VPN service provider in the world, the thing you can understand by seeing total VPN Servers and locations. Currently 5500+ servers available in 60+ countries. Hence, you’ll never feel slow Internet performance due to high servers availability.

This will also unblock the country access, if the content has been geo-restricted then it can’t be accessed in your country. If you select that country via your VPN server, the restriction will be automatically removed and all the content will be available at a very faster speed because with the NordVPN server you’ll not face any glitch on Internet Connection.


As I said in above paragraph, It unblocks geo-restricted content because of you can easily select the content related country. Many times you see, when you want to play a video on YouTube, Dailymotion or you want to see TV Channels or movies from other countries. When you play then a warning will be shown “The content has been restricted for your country”. It means you can’t see the videos/movies/news/TV shows/sports etc if you’re not from that country. So the NordVPN helps to unlock all the geo-restricted content without any problem.


SmartPlay is a feature On the NordVPN, you’ll seamlessly play the videos and movies without any glitches around the globe and this feature is enabled by default, So you’ll not need any additional steps to follow.

P2P file sharing support

As you know that P2P means Peer-to-Peer network. It is one faster way to share files between the network group. In this method files sharing is much easier because every file downloader also acts as an uploader. So if a server is too much busy then the file part can be also downloaded from others server. The P2P network works similar to BitTorrent but it is the most secure and adept way to share files all across the network group.

Lightning speed

As I already described NordVPN uses superior technology to make your VPN connection faster as much possible. Due to high servers availability, the VPN connection never drops and the connection always provides the constant speed.

Restricted Countries:

The obfuscated servers help you to work in those countries where Internet access is conditioned and sturdy censorship is in place as well as in prohibited local networks. So you can quickly browse in China and the Middle East countries without any restriction.

Extra features

Along with Security, Privacy, and speed, The NordVPN offers some more features that can enhance your user experience.

Mobile VPN

It also offers apps for Android and iOS devices. So your Smartphone and tablets also will be protected with top rated VPN service.

Multiple devices

A single NordVPN account allows you to connect upto 6 devices at a time. This will enhance your privacy and security to all devices. So if you’re using more than one Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS-based devices. The thing similar like Icing on the cake because you’ll get 6 devices simultaneously connectivity at a single VPN service plan.

Dedicated IP address

If you choose NordVPN service then you’ll get a Dedicated IP (Static IP) address for your account. A Dedicated IP unlock all those sites who blacklisted the shared IP on a VPN. It is very important because if you want to access Gmail, eBay, PayPal or any banking site then a shared IP on VPN will be blocked and you won’t able to access these sites. So if you’re using a Dedicated IP then you’ll always remain safe and no one site will block your IP.

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With the NordVPN service, you’ll get 24X7 customer care support. In case if you are facing any issues related to speed, connectivity problem, can’t access to few websites. Then you can immediately report to customer care and representatives will help you to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Final Words:

After analyzing NordVPN features, we can say NordVPN services are highly reliable and after buying NordVPN 2-year plan  you will be able to breathe peace for a long period of time.

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