WhatsApp: Share Messages, Videos, Audios (File) to Multiple contacts at one.

Sharing a single or multiple messages, Videos, Audios, Documents file in WhatsApp is so simple because for this you will need to select multiple messages and choose a contact to send. But you can’t send a file to multiple contacts at once. This problem is now solved. Now you can send Single or Multiple messages to multiple friends in just one try.

For an example, Your one friend send you multiple jokes, Videos, and Mp3 Songs. After reading, watching & listening. You also want to share these with other friends. Then you just select all those files and will send one by one to each friend. But this takes too much time and you will need to do this again and again for every friend. So keep this thing in mind WhatsApp has made it easier. So how to send files to multiple WhatsApp contacts at once?

How to share Multiple files to multiple contacts in just one try?

If you are going to share a message to many friends & relatives then this WhatsApp feature will really help you much.

  • Go to your Friends contact or in a WhatsApp Group, from where you want to share your file. After this tap and hold the message for few moments, So the message will be selected automatically, If you want to select other messages along with this then simply tap only one by one (You don’t need to hold other messages) and they will be also selected.
  • After selection tap on the top right send ⇒ icon.


  • On next you will see Forward to… screen. Tap to select multiple WhatsApp contacts. And after selection tap on bottom right Send > icon.



Now your message will be delivered to multiple contacts in just one try.

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  1. Hello,
    I want to do the following through WhatsApp
    1) To send on mp3 to multiple number who are not in my phone book
    2) to retain the name of the mp3 file as it arrives to the receipent


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