WhatsApp Mark As Unread & Low Data Use Option

Whatsapp Given “Mark As Unread” feature in its new updated version 2.12.200. With This feature, You can mark as unread any Read Chat with your friends & groups. This feature works exactly the same way as a mail after reading it later can also selecting Mark Unread. “Mark as Unread” chat feature is just the receiver of the smartphone will be seen.
However, which you have to send the message that their side will not see any change. Let me tell you, this feature can be used at the time when the receiver wants to keep it for a chat to read later. So, the chat can be left by Mark as unread.
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How to use Mark As Unread feature-

In the chat window, long-press on any contact and group, Now option appear related to Chat, select the “Mark as unread” option. As soon as you select “Mark as unread” option selected in the chat window to the side of contact and group a small point becomes green color.

Moreover, Whatsapp new updates for Voice calls have been the option of “Low data usage”. When you call to Whatsapp voice calling with the help of this option will use fewer data and voice calling WhatsApp at the expense of work will be done. This option will work much on the sites of low connectivity.

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How to use Low data usage option –

The first tap on the menu option, select Settings from the menu. Now in the Settings option tap on the “Chat and Calls”. Under the “Chat and Calls” option at the bottom Low data usage option available, select the check box by tapping on it.

WhatsApp for Android smartphone has both features. This update WhatsApp website has been released as version 2.12.200. These two features are the same in this version.

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