How to lock-Unlock ATM/Debit Card and Credit card?

How to Block and Unblock Debit card and Credit card

In my previous post, I had explained that how to block and unblock ICICI ATM/Debit Card/Credit Card. And with iMobile you can only unblock ICICI Bank Debit and Credit Card. But mostly people asking me to please unblock my card. And it isn’t  possible that I can Unblock their Debit and Credit card. So I’m writing this post for those … Read more

How to Remove an App Access from Google Drive?


As we all know, Google Drive is the world most popular easy to use free online data storage service. And we can store data on it directly from the web version, via desktop or mobile application software or with third-party apps. We can easily upload our important files (Documents, Videos, Audios, Photos etc.) via Web, Desktop & mobile app but … Read more

How to Resume FileZilla Download & Upload.


FileZilla Client is a free & simple solution for the webmasters. FileZilla supports FTP, FTPS (SSL Secured FTP) and SFTP connection over the internet. It can easily connect a PC to CPanel or FTP account directly. With FileZilla Client software we can download & upload large files without any interruption. If a File transfer interruption occurs then it can be … Read more

How to Enable-Disable Internet in VirtualBox.


If you have limited bandwidth internet connection then you will always face data problem in Oracle VM VirtualBox because you don’t have unlimited internet and VirtualBox running OS eats up all the internet data in the background without any notification. You can install multi-OS & can run at the same time but if the internet connection is active in your main … Read more

How to Clear Browsing History from Microsoft Edge browser

Now it’s easier to clear browsing history from latest Internet Explorer browser: Microsoft Edge. In Windows 10 Microsoft changed their Internet Explorer name to Microsoft Edge. In the previous version of Internet Explorer browser, we could clear internet browsing history via Internet Options. But in the latest Microsoft Edge Browser, they have changed its look and options. If you want … Read more

Booking process changed for Freedom 251 Smartphone.


Booking process changed now how to book Freedom 251 Smartphone? Ringing Bells has changed their booking process for Freedom 251 smartphone. The company probably had no idea that this would be such a large number of registrations.Because of this The Ringing Bells company changed their Freedom 251 booking process. Now you can book only one unit with one user email … Read more

Is Freedom 251 booking Fraud or not?

Freedom 251

All the people were thinking that got up early in the morning to buy the Freedom 251 mobile from the website. At night before bed, mobile alarm at 5:30 imposed. Got up early in the morning, Began booking. But any thought that you are not alone, that it would like to buy freedom 251 mobile. anybody want to buy Freedom 251 … Read more

How to Change YouTube Channel Custom URL


On YouTube Channel, Custom URL is an identity of our channel. if we have a good custom URL which matches to our Channel name then our channel looks professional and we can get channel subscribers easily. But when we start a channel then we don’t know that where we’ll go. Once our YouTube channel custom URL is approved then It … Read more