Apps & Notifications Manager In Android Oreo & Pie (Insight Options)

Apps & Notifications settings on Android Oreo 8.0

Apps (Application) & Notifications were two different options on the previous version of Android OS. But in the Android Oreo 8.1 and Android Pie 9.0, these two options have been mixed up in the Apps & Notifications. Apps or Applications option mainly is used for the following things: For checking all installed apps. To Enable or disable System apps. To … Read more

Language and Input (Keyboard) Settings In Android.


If you have recently upgraded your Android version to Android Oreo Pie 9.0 or Android Oreo 8.1 or purchased a new device which is based on latest Android OS. You’ll see lots of changes in features. Many settings have been moved to another location. Such one Phone Setting is “Language and Input”. Which is the main option to change the … Read more

How to get Android apps safely without Google Play Store?


We always download our favorite Android apps and games from Google Play Store. It is one safest place to get .apk files. But sometimes Google Play Store stops working and gives errors when you open it. One another thing is that when you have locked the Google Play Store with an Applocker program then also you can’t download any app … Read more

How to Use Official Google Allo Messenger on PC with Chrome Browser.


The Google Allo Messenger is a popular Instant messaging app for Android and iOS (iPhone). It is made by the well-known company Google, so there is no need to explain more about this messenger. As you know this app is only available for Android and iPhone, If you want to run Google Allo app on PC (Including Windows, Mac, Linux … Read more

How to use Google Maps offline on Android.


The Google Maps is a globally popular app for Android & iPhone, which provides accurate Navigation & Transit information to users in real-time when you’re connected to The INTERNET and also enable Location service on your device. It means Google Maps – Navigation & Transit app will only work unless you stay online. So this service fails on those places … Read more

3 Best Rooting apps for Android Phone in 2021.

3 Best Rooting apps for Android Phone

If you are searching for best rooting apps for Android Phone in 2021, it means you already know that the Phone rooting apps what can do in your phone. A good rooting app can do root your Smartphone without breaking the Android OS. There are many Android Rooting apps available that can root your Phone without having a PC or Laptop. … Read more

Share Unlimited Hike Stickers to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Other apps.


As in my Previous post, I had explained that how you can share Hike Stickers to WhatsApp, Facebook and with other apps. But the described process allows you to Send only 5 stickers per day and also every sticker contains the Hike Messenger credit when you send it to another app. However, you can crop the Picture to remove the credit … Read more