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D-Link is a world-leading technology company. D-Link makes network, connectivity and security-related products. D Link provides good quality products at a reliable price. It offers a variety of devices such as- Adapters, Antenna, Broadband, External Power Supply, KVM, Media converter, Modules, Multimedia, Network Adaptor, Print Server, Router, Security, Surveillance, Switches, USB-Adaptor, VoIP, Wireless.

Products Catalog-

  1. Desktop- DFE-580TX
  2. Print Server- DP-301P+,DP-301U, DP-G301,DP-G310, DPR-1020 , DPR-1260,
  • Antenna- ANT24-0501, ANT24-0501C, ANT24-1201, ANT24-2100, ANT24-CB06N, ANT24-CB09N, ANT70-0800, ANT70-0801, ANT70-1000, ANT70-1800
  • Broadband- DAS-3324G, DI-804HV, DI-LB604, DIR-450, DSL-2640T-IN, DSL-2730u, DSL-2750u
  • External Power Supply- DPS-200, DPS-300, DPS-500, DPS-800, DPS-900
  • Media Converter – DFE-855Mi, DFE-855S-15i, DFE-855S-50i, DMC-1000, DMC-1001, DMC-1002, DMC-1530SC, DMC-1580SC, DMC-1910, DMC-1910R, DMC-1910T, DMC-300M, DMC-300SC, DMC-515SC, DMC-560SC, DMC-700SC, DMC-805G, DMC-810SC, DMC-920
  • Modules- 7200-1200AC, 7200-1200DC, 7200-2000AC, 7200-24, 7200-24G, 7200-24GE, 7200-2XG, 7200-48, 7200-48P, 7200-4XG, 7200-512RAM, 7200-ASE3, 7200-CM1, 7200-CM2, 7200-CM3, 7200-CM4, DEM-210, DEM-211, DEM-330R, DEM-330T, DEM-331R, DEM-331T, DEM-340MG, DEM-340T, DEM-410CX, DEM-410X, DEM-423XT, DEM-540, DEM-CB300CX, DGS-712.
  • Multimedia-
  1. Digital Home- DNR-322L
  2. Digital Video- DCS-50, DCS-7110, DCS-930, DCS-930L, DCS-932L, DSB-C320,
  3. KVM- DKVM-16, DKVM-4K, DKVM-8E, KVM-121, KVM-221, KVM-440, KVM-450,
  • Network Adaptor- DAP-1360, DFE-520TX, DGE-528T, DWA-525,DWA-610, DWA-620, DWA-643, DWA-645.
  • Print Server- DP-300+,DP-300U, DP-G321, DPR-1061
  • Router- DI-1705B, DI-1710, DI-1721, DI-1722, DI-1723, DI-1724, DI-1725, DI-1750, DI-2611, DI-2621, DI-2622, DI-2640, DI-2641, DI-3660, DI-4860, DI-7208, DIR-457, DRO-210i, DRO-210IR, DRO-220i, DRO-250i, DRO-250i+, DSL-2520U
  • Security- DES-1210-08P, DES-1210-28P, DES-3200-28, DFL-160, DFL-1660, DFL-2560, DFL-2560G, DFL-260, DFL-260-AV-12, DFL-260E(Non-Bundle), DFL-860-AV-12, DPR-1040, DS-601, DS-605, DSR-1000N, DSR-250N, DSR-500N, Network Security UTM Firewall.
  • Surveillance – DCS-6815
  • Switches-
  1. 10/100- DES-1026G,DES-3528, DES-3552, DGS-3120-48PC
  2. GBICS- DEM-310GT, DEM-311GT, DEM-312GT2, DEM-314GT, DEM-315GT, DEM-421XT, DEM-422XT, DGS-1210-10P
  3. Gigabit- DES-1100-16, DES-1100-24,DGS-1008P, DGS-1016D, DGS-1024D, DES-1005A,
  4. Switches- DES-1008A, DES-1008F, DES-1024R+, DES-1210-28, DES-1210-52, DES-8503, DES-8506, DES-8510, DGS-3120-24SC, DGS-6600
  • USB-Adaptor- DWA-121, DWA-123, DWA-135
  • VOIP- DPH-10U, DPH-140S, DPH-70L, DVX-1000, GLV-540GYA-E
  • Wireless-
  1. D-Link Air 802.11b- DWL-P200, DWL-P50
  2. Xtreme G 802.11g- DWL-AG132, DWL-AG530, DWL-AG660DWL-G132, DWL-G520, DWL-G550, DWL-G630, DWL-G680
  3. Draft 802.11n- DAP-2590
  4. Antenna- ANT24-0401, ANT24-0700, ANT24-0800, ANT24-0801, ANT24-1202, ANT24-1800
  5. Wireless- DAP-1350, DAP-2360, DAP-3690, DIR-456U, DIR-457U, DIR-524 , DIR-600, DIR-655, DIR-685, DUB-1040, DUB-1310, DUB-1320, DUB-1340,DWL-3200AP, DWL-8600AP, DWR-113, DWS-4026, KVM-222

Many times it happens that you lose your drivers CD & you can’t use your device. When you search online drivers but do not get any solution. Here I will show you how can you download any of D-Link products drivers.

How to download all D-Link devices drivers from official site-

First, go to the download page of the official site-

  • On the download page, select your device name from the first dropdown list.

Choose your device from the first list

  • Now select device series number from the second dropdown list & after this click on go.

Now choose device series from the second list

A new page will open, Click on your device firmware release version from the list. (you can check device firmware version backside of your device).

click on the your device hardware-version

On next page, you will see your device driver, click on the driver to download.

Click on driver to download

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  1. Hi There:

    I am unable to connect 3 DMW-157 at the same time on Windows 7 32 bit operating system.

    The system detects 1 data modem as sim modem and detects the rest as usb/cd devices.

    Please help to resolve this issue on immediate basis.


  2. help me! during installtion found error:4008 and say “faild to download bin file to flash” and “turn on debug log”


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