Download & Play Contra, Mario, Bomberman and lots of Old ROM Games in PC

We played all NESTER games like Super Mario Bros, Contra, Bomber man, Adventure Island and much more between the 1985 to 2000 on TV with Video Game Consoles, Cassette and Remote. These old video games were out favorites in the past, but those time has gone but still in our memory.

If you want to play those Super Mario Bros, Super Contra, Bomber man, Adventure Island, Arabian Nights, Excite Bike, Kung Fu, Excite Bike, Circus, Road Fighter, Hyper Olympics, Tanks games in your laptop or PC without any Game Player, cassette and remote then you will need a ROM games emulator program for PC.

You can download Nester Rom Game Pack along with the emulator & also you can learn how to play all nester games with Nester Emulator? Here you can see a screenshot of Mario Game which is running in Nester Emulator:
Nester game supersmash bros 4

Super Mario Bros.

Some Images Of  NESTER Game Pack

Adventure Island, Arabian Nights, Circus, Excite Bike, Hyper Olympics, Kung Fu, Tanks, Road Fighter, Contra

Download NESTER Rom Game Pack

To download Nester Rom Game Pack for Windows XP, Vista, 7 (Seven), 8, 8.1, Windows 10 & 11 click on download button

Downlaod Game Pack »


Download free Winrar because you will need this software for extracting rar file.

Download WinRar »

How To Play Game?

1- After download open download folder. Right click on the Video Game.rar file & click on Extract the video game.rar Pack in a Folder.


2-  Double Click to Open Nester.exe File-

Double Click on Nester.exe

3-  Click on File and then click on Open ROM..-

Open rom from file menu

4- Choose any game file from the list that you want to play-

select game from the list

5- Now Game Start & play game with Keyboard-

Contra game

Control- To know more about the Keyboard Controls Click on Option and Change all the settings you want to-

Nester game settings keyboard
  Default Control Setting
That’s it! Now you can easily play your favorite memorable TV games on PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7 (Seven), 8 , 8.1, Windows 10 and 11) with Keyboard.
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86 thoughts on “Download & Play Contra, Mario, Bomberman and lots of Old ROM Games in PC”

  1. Hi Raj.

    Thank you for this.

    However, my favourite game, Contra2, start-up life span is quite too small (3). How can I activate the 30 rounds or the 50 rounds?

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for giving me back my child hood memories back after searching lot finely i was able to down lode the complet games which i used to play long back

  3. First of all thanks a lot Pramod for providing these wonderful childhood games 🙂 I was looking for them from long time. I have tried few games and they are running perfectly fine.

    Secondly I have done some searching on internet and found one very good emulator “Nintendulator” to run these ROM games on Full Screen mode. On this emulator we can play with games with Gamepad also 🙂

    Hope this will bring more joy to people.


  4. when I start any game, it doesn’t let me to operate & it plays automatic ( showing game over in contra & both players playing automatic)

    • To run the game use ‘A’ to highlight 1 Player or 2 Player and then use ‘S’ to start the game, if there is delay in selecting the player, then autorun game over mode will be played by the emulator, it used to be the same in Console days also in the 90’s. Then after the game starts, for example Contra, use arrow keys for movement and X, Z for jump and shooting.

  5. Hello sir how to download these games pack to my samsung phone or android phone i love this game .. i really find this game so far now i found it. Please send me what application or apk for this? Thank you im waiting for your response.

  6. I really enjoyed to remember, I had one of those plus my Friend Robbed me.

    Thank you immensely, I will enjoy with my children since I do not have the possibility to buy one of these PS, in all the case my Thank you …….


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