FormatFactory vs Freemake Video Converter vs Any Video Converter

Today’s many video converter available in the market, some are paid & some are free. Paid or shareware video converters give you more features in their application software, Paid or shareware video converters available in trial version, which you can use within a limited trial period after that video converter will be expired. Free Video converter’s (HandBrake, FormatFactory, Freemake Video Converter, Any Video Converter, Icecream Media converter, MeGUI, Dvd video Soft- Free MP4 Video Converter) provides more rich features that we can only get in paid version but we want to know that which Free Video converter converts a video in good quality & at faster Speed.

So we have chosen 3 video Converters that is widely used and available for free.  We have done this Video Conversion Quality and speed test using following PC Video Converter Softwares:

1- Format Factory
2- Freemake Video Converter
3- Any Video Converter

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Video Conversion & Speed Test

Input File

Video Resolution- 1600X900
File size- 320MB Uncompressed AVI Video File

Video Bitrate- 516864KBps
Audio Bitrate- 1536KBps
Framerate- 30FPS
Audio Sample Rate- 48000Hz
Audio Channel- 2.0
Duration- 11 Seconds

Video Output Setting-
Audio Output Setting-
MP4 With H264 Encode
Output Resolution – 1280X720P
Sample Rate- 44000Hz
Bitrate- 5000KBps
Audio Bitrate- 320KBps
FPS & Aspect Ratio- Automatic
Audio Channel- 2.0


Formatfactory-conveter-speedtestOutput size-
Video Bitrate- 6561KBps
Audio Bitrate- 272KBps
VIdeo SIze- 5.03 MB
Video & Audio Quality- Good & Clear.
Conversion Time- 21.18 Seconds

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake-video-converter-speed-testOutput size-
Video Bitrate- 1598 KBps
Audio Bitrate- 161 KBps
VIdeo SIze- 2.31MB
Video & Audio Quality- Good & Clear
Conversion Time- 8.15 Seconds

Any Video Converter


Output size-
Video Bitrate- 4061KBps
Audio Bitrate- 162KBps
VIdeo SIze- 5.54MB
Video & Audio Quality- Good & Clear
Conversion Time-10.09 Seconds

Finally, we found that Freemake Video Converter is faster than FormatFactory & Any Video Converter and file size are also lower with same quality video.

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