Top 5 File Copier Software Speedtest

Copying a large number of files on your main Windows PC can be a bit sluggish. When transferring multiple files to pen drives or external hard drives, the process often takes too much time, and sometimes it leads to Windows hanging during the file copy. Due to these issues, many users seek an alternative and faster solution to the default Windows file copy feature. While Windows is generally good at copying files, it’s not perfect. To explore better options, I decided to conduct a speed test using the top 5 file copier software on Windows 8.1. Let’s see how these alternatives compare in the “Top 5 File Copier Software Speedtest.”

5 Best File Copier Software SpeedTest

During this speed test, we put Windows 8.1 head-to-head against five other copy software tools: UltraCopier, Teracopy, SuperCopier4, ExtremeCopy, and FastCopy.

~Video: Windows 8.1 vs UltraCopier vs Teracopy vs SuperCopier4 vs ExtremeCopy vs FastCopy~

Windows 8.1

Windows 8 or 8.1 have a great File copy utility that transfers your data smartly, you can pause anytime between copying data, If any file exists on destination drive then it will ask you to skip, replace & rename the file. You can also Skip, replace, rename all files at once.  Which makes File copy much better on Windows 8 or 8.1 than any previous version of Windows sometimes.


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UltraCopier is free and open source software licensed under GPL3 that acts as a replacement for files copy dialogs. It is a fast File Copier also has the nice interface and a lot of useful features. It works on Windows/Mac/Linux and also supports third-party plugins to extend functionality. UltraCopier is a cross-platform file copier for Windows, Linux, and Mac, It Works with all devices: SSD, HDD, USB keys, CD-ROMs. Ultracopier predicts internal and external errors. It results in detailed information dialogs which allow you to pick up the best solution (For example. always overwrite, overwrite if newer, …).

Features-  play/pause, speed limitation, on-error resume, error/collision management.




TeraCopy is one of fastest file copier. I’m also using TeraCopy since December 2012 without any problem. It copies and moves files at the maximum possible speed. It also skips bad files during the copying process and then displays them at the end of the transfer so that you can see which ones need attention.

TeraCopy can automatically check the copied files for errors by calculating their CRC checksum values. It also provides a lot more information about the files being copied than its Windows counterpart. TeraCopy integrates with Windows Explorer’s right-click menu and can be set as the default copy handler.

Features- Copy files faster, Pause and resume file transfer, Error recovery, Interactive file list. Shell integration, It automatically adds multiples in copy/move list if the target is same. Full Unicode support. Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 x64 support.




Supercopier4 & Ultracopier both are same files copier and developed by Both files copier have the same interface & Both are free and open source software licensed under GPL3 that acts as a replacement for files copy dialogs, But in the performance, SuperCopier4 take advantage over Ultra Copier. SuperCopier4 little faster than UltraCopier.




ExtremeCopy is an another Windows file copy software, ExtremeCopy able to copy and or move your files extremely fast speed. it can increase data copy speed 10 times faster than Windows default file copier. ExtremeCopy can integrate itself into your Windows seamlessly as copy tool and when you copy/move data it automatically takes over advantage Windows default file copier. It has the nice interface.

Feature- play/pause, you can skip any files between data transfer, on-error resume, error/collision management, Manage your copy file task easily




FastCopy is free open source (BSD license) computer software, a portable file and directory copier that runs under Microsoft Windows and available in 32- and 64-bit versions that support all version of windows. FastCopy offer fast transfer of files between hard drives and copying of files within the same drive. It is a free-standing application or be integrated into the Windows shell.

It also has the nice interface but when you want to copy/move any file, it cannot take over default Windows file copier. If you want to copy Files select file address From Source address & destination address from DestDir or you can right click on any files that you want to copy & select Copy (Fast copy) and then select destination address from DestDir.  It also works with other files copier tools without any problem.



Finally Testing Result-

we have tested a 900mb file copy speed on windows 8.1 & Top five File Copier on Usb 2.0 From my 1 TB WD Element external hard drive to my PC & test result is-

Software Copy Time (in Seconds)
Windows 8.137.10

~~~~~~~~~~Winner SuperCopier4.~~~~~~~~~~

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  1. Nice article and very helpful one . I have a question i brought a toshiba copier , model 2303 from my country local bdstall .Which software will be the best for it . Waiting for reply . Thanks .

  2. Please excuse me, as I have some criticisms of the testing..

    So …that’s it? You tested ONE file? ONE time for each program? Did you clear Windows cache before each run? Apparently you DIDN’T test various scenario, i.e. copying MULTIPLE LARGE files, or MULTIPLE SMALL files, or a MIX OF LARGE AND SMALLl?

    And I don’t see where you have RUN TESTS MULTIPLE TIMES to see if there is an average speed for each program for each scenario?

    So while your test is one point on the map of efficiency or effectiveness, it just doesn’t seem to paint much of a picture of the efficiency of the programs under a variety of conditions and with pre-run context held constant.

    All these factors above are quite important to perform a real-world comprehensive test of the programs. And there are more unmentioned and even unknown to me, as I claim to be no expert in the field yet know that the above conditions and content are very important to an evaluation.

    Could I recommend that some additional research on your part into such testing is worth your while? I would really enjoy seeing a more comprehensive follow-on to what you started here.

    Good luck, wishes and fortune.


  3. I think accuracy is also important along with speed. And for that very reason, I use GS RichCopy 360 enterprise for copying large number of files – there’s no data loss, the speed is VERY FAST and the most important – it also supports files with long path names – a feature that all above mentioned copying software fail to deliver. It’s pretty affordable and has lots of other features such as multiple thread file copying, copying over a single port TCP connection, etc.

    • At least both FastCopy and TeraCopy works just fine with long path names that windows itself can’t handle. That’s the reason why I found those programs in the first place.

      I really think there cannot be faster copier than FastCopy, or it’s just measuring error because it has copied as fast as the max throughput on all of my drives. But I have manually increased the buffer so that might help it.

  4. -All- of those lack the extremely important delete function TeraCopy has. Plus ExtremeCopy Standard’s feature selection is quite small.

  5. I have been using GS RichCopy 360 pc software since last 6 months. I think it is the best copying software i have ever used. Overall it’s cheap & best.


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