How to open desktop website in android smartphone.

In old days, When we wanted to surf to a website, it could only be on the desktop. Mobile was the only light version website opens. The mobile memory was not so, that would open the desktop site. Many website owners create sites were different for mobile. Whereby mobile users can use their site. But now times have changed. There are many smartphones available in the market which has 1GB, 2Gb, 3GB etc. RAM. Now with the mobile version, the desktop can open up the smartphone. 3G, 4G, WIFI is also available on Smartphone. So you can access the Internet at fast speed & can easily surf the desktop website on the smartphone. But it needs to make some changes in the smartphone browsers settings. So How can open desktop website on the smartphone, will tell you.

How to open desktop version in Smartphone (Mobile)?

Some popular browsers (UC Browser, Dolphin Browser, Opera, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, NineSky Browser) are available For Android Smartphone, with which you can open desktop website.

Just follow these easy steps

UC Browser

Tap on Menu.


A menu will open, drag this menu from right to left.

Pull-right-to-left menu

Now you will see Settings option, Tap on this.


In settings tap on Browsing Settings option.


Now in the Browsing Settings Option scroll down to the last option Website Preferences (UA) and tap on this.


Now tap on Others & choose Desktop from the option. Here you can also set desktop websites version for Google, Twitter, Yahoo.


Dolphin Browser

Tap on Dolphin menu icon & then tap on Settings from the menu.


In settings tap on ADVANCED tab & then tap on User-agent option.


Now User agent option will appear. Choose Desktop radio button & press OK.


Opera Browser

Tap on Opera Menu & you will see Settings option, tap on the Settings.


In Settings at top, you will see first option User agent, tap on this. From the user agent tap on Desktop option.


Chrome Browser

Just open any website in Chrome android browser & press menu key, A menu will appear tick the Request desktop site checkbox.


Mozilla Firefox Browser

Same as Chrome android browser just open any website in Mozilla Firefox android browser & press menu key, A menu will appear to tick the Request desktop site checkbox.Mozilla-desktop-settings

Android Browser

Same as Chrome & Firefox android browser open any website in Android browser & press menu key, A menu will appear to tick the Request desktop site checkbox.


Nine Sky Browser

Tap on the menu & then tap on the Settings tab and choose Settings from the menu.


In Settings, you will see UA(User Agent) option in General Tab. Tap on this.


Now you will see User agent related option choose Desktop Chrome or Desktop Firefox radio button.


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  1. Dear sir, good morning i working in office but i face problem i work on desktop but near about people in our teem his check my work in his phone this not good for my can you suggest me to how could we safe to do work.

    • I didn’t understand what do you want to ask? What do you work on Desktop? You can ask your team to view desktop version on mobile then they can see same site on Mobile.


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