How to Properly Clean and Disinfect Your Phone & Tablet Screen?

It is vital to keep your tablet and phone screens clean. It is crucial owing to both aesthetic and hygienic reasons to regularly clean and disinfect your phone screen as well as your tablet screen.

There are many ways to disinfect and clean the filters of your gadgets nowadays. Protect yourself from bacteria and other germs by maintaining the cleanliness of your devices. This article discusses the various ways in which you can keep your phone screen as well as your tablet screen clean and disinfected. Read on to find out more!

How to Clean Phone & Tablet Screen

There are specific ways to keep your phone screens and tablet screens looking brand new and clean. It aids in the functionality of your device because of its touchscreen.

You need to pay heed upon these tips and techniques to let your phone be top-notch when it comes to hygiene. The methods have been stated as follows:

1) Wipe Screen with Microfiber cloth


This method of using microfiber cloth is an effortless way to clean your gadget screens. Do not be intimidated by the term itself. It is very easily accessible. In case you wear eyeglasses, the cloth you get along with your glasses is a microfiber cloth.

Because the spectacle of touchscreens is very fragile and sensitive, using a microfiber cloth is a great idea. This is because microfiber cloth does not cause any scratching while cleaning the glass surface.

If the screen is quite dirty, then you may add a few drops of water and then wipe the glass surface with a microfiber cloth. Just remember to switch off your device before cleaning it!

2) Screen Cleaning Kits

Screen cleaning kits consist of Q-tips or felt-tipped swabs of various widths and sizes. This is great for cleaning the edges, the speaker grills, earpiece as well as the ports of your phone and tablet. Since the swabs are pointed, it is easy to clean these delicate and intricate areas of your phone with ease. However, you must be sure that no fiber is left behind on the parts you’re cleaning using the swabs.

3) UV light


One of the best ways to disinfect your phone or tablet screen is by using UV light! The best thing about using UV light to clean your phone or tablet is the fact that it won’t destroy the oleo-phobic coating of your device!

UV light kills bacteria residing on your phone or tablet screen in a short time. It only takes a few minutes to work! You can disinfect your phone by placing it inside a UV light bath. It looks like a small, tanning bed. UV light is present on the base and lid of the bath. In case you use a cover or case for your tablet or phone, it is advisable to disinfect them in the bath separately.

4) Use Protective Case that has Antimicrobial properties


When it comes to having clean Phone and Tablet, you should opt for those protective cases that comprise the antimicrobial properties in them. Such cases can reduce microbes by up to 99.99%, plus it will also be quite effective in insulating your phone from the drop damages.

5) Choose Liquid Screen Protector & Cleaner

By opting for a liquid screen protector and cleaner, you will clean and safeguard your table or phone through a Nano-coating solution. It is quite useful in repelling liquids as well as fingerprints. Such screen protectors are also scratch-resistant, plus they are antimicrobial.

What we Should not Use while cleaning and disinfecting Phone & Tablet Screen

There are certain products you should steer clear of when it comes to cleaning your phone. These include Clorox wipes and Lysol wipes. Other products contain alcohol, bleach, and vinegar, along with powerful disinfectants.

These products are beautiful for using to clean the sides of your gadget as well as the back. However, the moment these products touch your screen, it is very harmful. It destroys the oleophobic coating of your gadgets.

Bottom Line! 

Keeping your devices clean and free of germs is very important. Read this article and remember to clean your tools regularly!  We hope the aforementioned tips and techniques will help you with cleaning and disinfecting your phone and tablet screen. Did we miss any of the key ways that you use for maintaining the hygiene of your phone or tablet?

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