Laptop vs. Tablet – Which One is Best For You?

Laptops and Tablets, both are an alternative to your computer. Do you remember the time when you had to work for more extended periods in a chair in front of your computer? There wasn’t any other way of getting up and taking the computer in your comfort area. Also, you couldn’t handle it in your hands.

Now, the time has changed, you can move the laptops on your bed and take tablets in your hand. It has become easier for people who have to work on computers. When you need to entertain yourself, you can use social media, Netflix, gaming, or any spreadsheet work; you can use a tablet. Meanwhile, for works like video editing, audio production, editing of files or lots of typing, a laptop is convenient. Let us start comparing Laptop and Tablet on different grounds one by one-


Laptop Vs Tablet

Since you already know that both of them are designed to be handy, yet there is a lot of difference between both of them-


Generally, tablets are very lightweight as compared to Laptops; even the slimmest laptop will be around double the size or weight of a tablet. Let’s consider the example of a svelte MacBook; this is around 938g. And the tablet, let’s talk about Apple iPad, it’s around 469g, just half of the weight of the slimmest laptop.

And when talking about its portability, both of them can be taken to an area of our choice, unlike Computers. Laptops should be kept in a laptop bag in the padded area, and a tablet could simply slip into your wallet. Also, it is suggested to use a protective case for the screen of your tablet for better safety of your tablet.

Input or Typing speed 

When talking about typing and any typing related work, we have already suggested that Laptops are the best. Not everyone can write rapidly on a tablet screen because of its smaller size, but when it comes to any work that requires frequent typing, it is better to go for laptops. Every individual would prefer writing comfortably with a keyboard instead of tablets.

Although the battery life and portability of a tablet is better than that of a laptop, it is better to choose a laptop for writing work. The cons of tablets are associated with no keyboard. And it isn’t easy to write on a virtual keyboard with different styles and layouts. And due to these restrictions, it is better to use a laptop because it will give you a comfortable vibe while using it rather than using a virtual keyboard.

Battery life 

The power required by the hardware of a laptop is more than that in a tablet. Since the storage of laptops is way more in comparison to tablets, it will require more energy. Therefore, we can say that the battery of the tablet lasts longer than a laptop. Hence, it will allow us to do more of our work.

The use of robust hardware in laptops makes it a bit harder for it to control battery life. Even the internal components inside a laptop require energy and power consumption. Therefore, for the frequent use of laptops, people use it with plugging in it in the charging point. Meanwhile, tablets offer more in terms of battery life; they don’t need to be changed frequently.


Although both of them have to give you the same thing, they are just right in their ways. You can watch movies on a laptop and also on your tablet. You can work with your spreadsheet on your tablet, and so you can do that on your laptop. But the line of difference is as per the part of excellence.

When you need to work in front of your laptop to work for video production, you can’t go for tablets because it doesn’t offer more. Similarly, when you talk about entertainment like gaming or watching movies, it is suggested that you should be using your tablets. As you know the battery life of a tablet is better than a tablet, and it doesn’t require much processing.

Therefore, we can say that, for HD graphics, audio production, and multitasking, it is better to use laptops instead of tablets. Also, sometimes tablets perform well in video editing, but that’s not always easy. Therefore, we recommend you to go for a laptop for complicated works and choose tablets for easy work or entertainment.


The operating system in Tablets is usually alright, and there is already the presence of some applications. But when you try to drag files from one folder to another, it gets a bit complicated for you to work on it, also, confusing. On the other hand, laptops have a better operating system, so it’s easier for individuals to control the files and do it their way.

When you are the owner of your tablet/laptop, you would like to manipulate and arrange the things as per your needs. But it gets a little complicated in the tablet in comparison with that on the laptop. The presence of Windows and macOS in the laptops make it a better source of the arrangement of files.

Let’s assume the improved version of tablet iOS 12; it indeed offers a lot more than before. Still, there is a lack of function. But when it comes to laptops, it allows you to explore more. Be it the Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator; it always offers you more than a tablet.

Size and weight 

Weight and sizes of tablets and laptops differ from each other. Both of them have a lot of differences as per the size. Since tablets are more portable and easy to carry, they have a smaller size and are lighter in weight. The size of tablets is around 5 to 13 inches, and the weight varies as per their size. Generally, tablets are around 0.5 to 2 lbs that means 225 g to 1 kg.

Meanwhile, laptops are larger in size and variations in a laptop are more than that in a tablet. They are small and sleek to bulky and large. The size of laptops normally ranges between 10 to 20 inches. Therefore, the weight depends upon the size of the laptop. It is around 1 to 3 kg or 2.5 to 7 lbs.


The priority of individuals always remains the price, although people are concerned about the features. But the key feature that comes into your mind while buying any of the items, not only tablets or laptops. There are a variety of models present in the market, but you should always buy accordingly. It is possible then you can find a good tablet but spend more than what it costs.

Tablets are really good power-saving devices, and some of the tablets have commendable features. For instance, let’s consider Amazon Fire 8 HD or Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, both are brilliant. Yet it gets a bit hard for us to recommend anything other than iPads. They always top the priority list. The iPad 9.7in costs around £319 for 32 GB and the 12.9in iPad Pro is available at £1,119 that gives 512GB.

Laptops are a bit more costly than tablets because of the multitasking feature and smooth processor. Usually, people decide to go for £500 laptops that are of lesser quality. But when you think if a budget ranges from £500 to £1000, you can get really good laptops with a better feature. Meanwhile, laptops above the range of £1000 are premium.

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Final Verdict 

It depends on your choice and needs. If you are a person who works mostly in front of a screen, it’s better to choose a laptop instead of a tablet. That’s because it offers you more and lets you more into variations. Tablet is more like an alternative to mobile and laptop. When a person needs to check on emails or social media, s/he can merely switch on their tablet and check.

The main manufacturers of laptops are Apple, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer, Microsoft, Asus, and others. Almost the same companies are indulged in the manufacturing of tablets, which are Asus, Apple, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Amazon, LG, Google, Panasonic, and Samsung. You can choose as per your budget and convenience.

Finally, you can decide what you are going to choose. When you want to choose a laptop, check its features and pros and cons. Similar is the case with tablets. Almost everything is common, yet they are different from each other. One has a good battery life, and one has a better typing speed. If you are a person who is merely here to look for any entertainment purpose and lesser work, then a tablet is a better option.

Depending upon your choice, both of them offer you different things. It can be said that they are a mini form of a computer which is better than the computer itself. And an expanded form of a mobile phone that offers you more than a mobile. One is easily portable; the other one has a better operating system. So it depends upon the buyer, whatever demands you have for your system, check them and choose wisely.

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