How to use Remix OS bootable USB with Virtualbox

In my previous post, i explained that how to create a Remix OS bootable USB flash drive. In this post, I’ll tell you how to use or check Remix OS features with Oracle VM VirtualBox. Remix OS is now available for Android lovers. It is a portable Android Operating System for PC. Just install it on USB Stick at ones & use it anywhere with any PC or laptop. You don’t need any additional or special hardware required to use Remix OS because it works with most of the X86 chipsets based computers or laptops.

Remix OS runs from the USB Flash drive so it doesn’t affect your existing Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris or any other installation. It runs virtually & all files save on the USB stick but you will need a fast USB flash drive such as USB 3.0  then Remix OS runs so smoothly.  Or if you have a USB stick with the speed of between 10mbps to 20mbps then it will also work very well. Remix OS is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop so you can play latest apps & games on it. You can run Remix OS via boot screen. But if you want to check Remix OS feature on VirtualBox then you will need to do something different.

How to Use or Check Remix OS on Oracle Virtual Machine VirtualBox?

As we know that Boot from USB support is not available in VirtualBox and we can’t install any OS via USB Drives. But there is an alternative solution available for PC & for any Virtual Machines. The solution is Plop Boot Manager. With Plop Boot Manager helps you if your PC bios don’t support USB drive boot. It installs additional boot driver & then you can install any Operating System via Floppy, Hard Drive, USB Drive. if you want to see what features included in Remix OS then follow these easy steps below-

First download Plop Boot Manager- Click here to go to the download page.  After download goes to the download folder & right click on file & choose extract. It will decompress the Plop Boot manager folder.

Now Start VirtualBox Virtual Machine & follow these steps-

  • Select any pre-installed Operating system from Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager main screen. such as Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac, Solaris and any other or you can install a new one. After selecting click on Settings.


  • Now in OS Settings choose storage from the left, after that click on Controller: IDE CD icon. Now you will see VirtualBox – Question box, click on Choose disk button.


  • An explorer window will open then select Plop boot manager ISO (plpbt.iso) file from the uncompressed folder & click on Open.


  • Click OK to save changes.

Now start operating system with which you have connected plop boot manager ISO file.

  • After starting click on Devices>>Go to USB Devices>> Choose your USB Flash drive on which you have installed Remix OS.


  • Now Select USB on Plop boot manager boot screen.


  • Select Resident or Guest Mode-


  • Resident Mode- In Residents mode any change will remain after rebooting. Such as an app installation, any settings change etc.
  • Guest Mode- In Guest Mode you can check all features of Remix OS or you can install the app, But when you will restart the window then all changes reverted to default.

After selecting Resident or Guest Mode press enter button.

  • Now it will in initialized your USB drive data If it will ask you any confirmation then press enter to continue.

initialized data

  • Now Remix OS flash screen will appear, wait for few minutes.
  • After that Select Your language & click on the Next button.


  • On next screen accept User agreement, to accept click on Next.


  • Now your setup is complete & your Remix OS installation is completed.


Now enjoy Remix OS features on VirtualBox.

I hope that it works for you & your problem will be solved.

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