5 Ways to Reset/Generate Debit/Credit card PIN.

Did you forget your 4-digit ATM Card/Debit Card/Credit Card PIN or need a new Debit card/Credit card PIN but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry; it is a common problem that happens to all of us. If you have forgotten the PIN password or want to change it to a new one, here I’ll tell you 5 ways you can change your Debit card/Credit card PIN or get a new PIN.

Why & When You Need to Change Debit/Credit Card PIN?

First, you need to understand why you need to change the card PIN. It’s because every time you do online shopping or make a purchase using an ATM, Debit, or Credit card, you enter your Card PIN to pay the merchant. If you don’t change the card PIN regularly, it may become vulnerable to theft. Here’s how it can happen:

  • When doing online shopping using an infected computer or smartphone, malware (virus) can capture your card information, as hackers can easily install a script to capture keystrokes and send the information over the internet without your knowledge.
  • During transactions in a local shop, be cautious of CCTV cameras. Shopkeepers with high-quality digital cameras can easily see what you enter on swipe machines. If they see your card number, they can potentially steal your money without your awareness.

But for the better security if you change the debit/credit card frequently within the 1 month. Then nobody can steal your money by hacking your card PIN.

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How to Generate ATM/Debit card/Credit card PIN

If you have any issues with your existing PIN, such as forgetting the ATM/Debit/Credit card PIN and wanting to generate a new PIN, or if you know your existing PIN and want to change it for security reasons, you can get a new card PIN via the following ways:

1. Internet Banking

Today, most banks offer Internet Banking facilities with special features, including online PIN generation for Debit and Credit cards. If you have Internet Banking, check for the Debit Card/Credit card Generate PIN online option in your Internet Banking account. If you’re unsure about the feature’s availability, search “reset [bank name] card PIN with Internet Banking” to find all the steps on how to reset/generate the card PIN using your Internet Banking account.

Internet Banking is also helpful when you have forgotten the card PIN; you just need to log in to your account and generate a new PIN. Verification of your information is required, and after verification, your password will be changed.

2. Mobile Banking App

Just like Internet Banking facilities, all banks also provide their Mobile Banking app. This app contains all the Internet Banking features and has a Generate Debit Card/Credit card PIN option. If you are using your bank’s provided Mobile Banking app, you can check for the available option in your banking app.

3. ATM

This is the most popular way, and non-Internet users can easily change their PIN using an ATM machine. Go to your bank’s ATM, insert your card, choose the “Change Card PIN” option, enter your existing PIN, create a new PIN, and verify it. After this, your card PIN will be changed.

4. SMS Banking

If you have registered with SMS Banking, you can change your card PIN using your bank’s SMS Banking facility. Every bank offers a number where you can send bank-provided codes to change your card PIN easily. To get SMS Banking codes for your bank, search on Google for “SMS Banking codes [Bank Name].”

5. Bank Branch

If the above four solutions are not working for you, the bank branch can help. Contact your bank and fill out the applicable application form, attach an ID Proof & Photo, and submit your form to the customer care representative. The bank will provide you with another PIN in a sealed envelope, and your problem will be solved.

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