10 Debit Card Safety Tips.

The Debit Cards are the best source to do Cashless transaction. We use a Card to buy a product online or offline but always ignore the Card Security such as Card Number, CVV Code, and PIN Password. This ignorance, one day can make you a big loss due to Debit Card Fraud. So if you’re really wanted to save your Debit Card follow these 10 credit and debit card safety tips.

10 Debit Card Security and Safety Tips.

If you use your Debit Card at any online or local shop then you should follow these tips to make safe and secure your Debit Card:

#1. Do not Share Card Related Sensitive Information

This must be our first concern, but even we don’t care about this. The Debit Card Number, CVV Code, PIN or Password are only important things that we need to protect. So never share the Card Number, CVV Code, PIN or Password to anyone and also don’t write these on anywhere and always keep remember in your Mind.

For your Security when you go to ATM’s, in the ATM do all the transactions yourself, If the card is not working or the transaction is not being done then do not give your card to any person. Recently, many times it has come to see that on the excuse of help, fraudster change your card with another, and make you fool by saying the card is not working and later withdraw money from using the card and by the time you find out, it’s too late.

So always be alert when withdrawing money from ATM or doing the transaction in any shop, always hide the Pin or password with your hand. Along with this you can tape your Card CVV Code and keep remember it yourself.

Sometimes you’ll receive an Email on, which makes you an offer, asks your personal/bank/card details. And the message will be something like that: “You have won a prize of £ 500,000.00”. So never reply to these type of emails because they are totally fraud and never give you any money but lose a lot in return.

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#2. Enable 3d Secure PIN

In recent year, 3D secure PIN service has been launched by many banks. This is a second-factor authentication security feature, means after entering the Card Number & CVV code on any verified online shop, the page will be redirected to a Bank authorization page where you’ll need to enter 3D Secured PIN. So your online transaction will always remain safe from forgery. To know more you can contact to your Bank branch or Customer Care number.

#3. Set limit on Transaction

Many Banks provide Transaction limit on your Debit card. So if you want your debit card transaction will not go beyond specific amount limit then it can be set by contacting Bank branch or Customer care number. The advantage of setting limit is that if your debit card gets cheated then it will be spent only to a limit and you’ll save lots of your money.

#4. Use a Chip Based Card

Old debit cards used to come with less security: Magnetic strip. Any hacker could easily create a duplicate copy of your debit card by hacking debit card data. But all the banks are now providing an EMV chip based secured card. So hackers can’t make another copy by swiping your card because the Chip based card has all the information in the form of encrypted code and It also comes with a personal identification number (PIN). So When a chip-based card is used at the Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) Machine, the machine reads the encrypted format on the card and asks for a PIN and only then is the transaction processed. A chip-based card cannot be read unless you do not enter the correct PIN.

#5. Link Mobile number or Email ID to Bank account

Most banks ask you to register your mobile number or Email ID. After registering you’ll always receive transactions alert on your Mobile Number and Email ID. If you have not done this linking then do it. So when a fraud transaction will be done then the information will be immediately received on the mobile or Email and you can instantly call to Customer Care number to block the Debit Card.

#6. Use Card only on Secured Platform

This is another a major security factor that uses your card only on a secured platform or verified online shop. when doing payments online double check the https connection with green bar lock icon. And also check the site is not using free SSL certificate (CloudFlare or Letsencrypt) to make site connection https, A free SSL can be easily got by any person who is running their site but a paid SSL is provided only after a verification. So always do transaction only on those sites that are verified by big SSL certificate issuer companies.

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#7. Do not use Cyber Cafe or third person Computer

A Computer in Cyber Cafe is always affected with Malware. And when you do the transactions on a virus or malware affected PC then the card information can be easily stolen by the hackers. So instead of using Cyber Cafe or third person computer, use your own Computer and also install a good antivirus software which will make your online transaction more secure and safe.

#8. Regularly Check Your Bank Statement

To avoid any kind of fraud, keep checking your bank statement regularly, if you feel that any suspicious transaction has been done then you should immediately contact your bank branch or customer care number to block your card.

#9. Change the Card PIN after a regular Interval

For making your card security better, change the card pin after a regular interval. Means, you can decide a time period eg: 1 month or as you like to keep changing your PIN. Banks also suggest to keeping change your card PIN after the every 3 months.

#10. What to do, if the card is stolen or lost.

In-Case you have lost your Debit Card or someone has stolen it from you. Then you can contact to your Bank Customer Care number or directly go to the bank branch and they will block the Card & issue another card. Some banks offer Debit card blocking-unblocking card facility through Netbanking or Mobile Banking app So you can use these option to instantly block or unblock the card.

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