How to Do Safe Banking Transaction online

Doing a Banking transaction online is never safe. Every time when you do any Banking transaction, then you always have a slight nervousness. Because if you did any small mistake all your money will go into the hell. Therefore, you need to take certain precautions before doing online banking transaction.

How To Stay Safe When do online Transactions:

Here I’m sharing few tips with them all the Internet Banking transaction can be easily done.

Do not share sensitive account information

Do not share sensitive account related information such as User ID, Password, OTP, URN, Debit/Credit Card Grid values with anyone. If anyone asks for the sensitive information over the phone, online & via email then never share this with them.

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Do not share confidential account details or transact on non-https websites

Never do a transaction on the non-https site. Now all the browsers are also started to giving a warning message for the non-https site. So If a site is not using https connection then you’ll see the non-https warning:


If the site using an https secured connection then a green padlock icon will show just before the site address. And when you’ll click on the padlock you’ll get some additional certificate information:


So always take care about this and double check https certificate before sharing sensitive information.

Register for instant alerts

This would be a great idea, if you subscribe for instant alerts via SMS or Email, When a banking transaction will be done via your bank account then an instant alert will be sent to your registered Email ID or on Mobile number. If this transaction has not done by you, Then you can immediately contact to the Customer care number and can request to block your Internet Banking or SMS banking account.

Check your banking transactions regularly

This is another option to check unauthorized transaction activity. In case you haven’t opted your account yet for Instant message alert. This will work for you, Do regularly check your Banking Transactions.

Use the official app for doing transactions:

Today every bank offers their banking app for doing safe Banking transactions. So when you need to money transfer from your account to another payee account, use official banking app. The banking app will also help to recharge your Mobile number, Data Card, DTH and to paying Electricity Bill without taking any risk.

Install a strong anti-virus

For keeping safe your PC, Laptop and Smartphone from viruses, use a strong Antivirus software and keep it updated regularly. If your device is infected with Viruses or Malware’s then over 90% chances your sensitive information will be hacked. So always use premium Antivirus instead of Free. If you can’t buy a premium Antivirus then you can download a top free antivirus read about this: Best 5 Free Antivirus Software.

Check downloaded files for viruses

If you download Movies, Videos, Music, Documents, Games, software’s and apps then always do an Antivirus scan before opening them. A good antivirus automatically scans a file in real-time, means they will be blocked before downloading.


Report unauthorized transactions activity

This question always comes in the mind What to do? if someone is hacked your Bank related information or when you see any unauthorized activity in your account. It will always a good idea report this to your Bank as soon as possible. If you can’t go bank then make a call to your Bank Customer Care number, only they will assist you better than anyone.

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