Facebook Messenger Color customization & Nicknames feature.

Facebook messenger is the most popular messaging app on the Android smartphone. Facebook instant messenger has some great features, which is not available in other apps. Facebook constantly keeps changing its features and periodically launches new features. Consequently, Facebook has added some new customization features in its instant messaging app Facebook messenger. Name- Color customization & friends Nicknames.

Now you can change your chat conversation color (color) & can set a different color for each friend. With friends, Nicknames feature you can choose & set a nickname for your friend & family members. Just imagine your friend’s name is Rajat Kumar Verma then you can set your friends to name RK, RKV or that you want and for family member Mother name ⇒ Mom, father ⇒ Dad. This feature is available in the version

Download Facebook instant messenger- >>Click here to download from Google Play Store<<

Open any friend chat conversation screen & tap on top right corner icon (i).

Change-chat-color & Nicknames

Now the details window will appear, here are a few options related to your friend’s. In detail, you will see Color,& Nicknames option.


Color customization – If you want to change your conversation exchange color (From Blue to other) then tap on Color option from detail option. You will see a 15 custom color palette menu. Pick a new color from the menu.


You can choose a different color for each contact conversation.

Nicknames – In Detail window tap on Nicknames. Now in Nicknames, you will see your name & your friend name. Here you can set your nickname & your friend nickname. To set your friend’s nickname, tap on friend name.  Now edit & type a nickname & after this tap on SET. here you can also remove nickname If you want to reset nickname of your Facebook friend.


Please Note:- If you have changed your friend nickname here, then this nickname will also appear on Facebook desktop & in Facebook app.

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