How To Copy Contacts From Old Mobile Phone To New Smartphone.

Some people buy new Smart Phone like Android But when they buy new Smartphone, they don’t know about micro or Nano Sim Slots are available in new Mobiles now. Some new Smartphone is available normal Sim slots or some only have Nano Sim Slots. So some people have in trouble because over 200 or More Contacts in their old Mobile Phone and Mobile does not have Nano Sim Slots. They want to copy their Contacts but don’t know how. Here is a trick that u can copy or move all your Contacts to your new Smartphone.

Move All Contacts Number From old mobile to new Smartphone.

If You want to copy your contacts from your old mobile to Your new Smart Phone Have only Micro or Nano Sim Slots. Follow This Process-

  1. First, find an Android smartphone that has normal Sim slot. Ask your friend or neighbor that their Android Smart Phone have normal Sim Slot.
  2. Before Copy or Move Contacts first Backup your friend’s mobile contacts (as in 5 to 6 step). Now remove all contacts in your friends mobile because when u import your contacts it will be mixed with your friends mobile no & You will have more trouble.
  3. Copy or move Your Contact from your old mobile phone to Your Normal Sim. You can copy or move only 200 contacts in normal Sim card. So follow this process once again if your contact over 200 contacts.
  4. Now insert this normal Sim card to your friend’s Android Smart Phone and open contact application & Import contact from your normal Sim to phone memory.
  5. Now export your Contacts from phone memory to external storage like SD card or internal memory card.
  6. When You export your contacts to external SD card or internal memory card it created a file name as – 00001.vcf, 00002.vcf or etc…….
  7. Now go to where u save your this file.
  8. Now send this file to your new Smart Phone Over Bluetooth or Wifi or USB cable via PC.
  9. Go to where u receive the file.
  10. Now Tap on the file to import contacts to your new Smart Phone.
  11. Check your Contacts…
  12. Now delete contacts from your friends mobile before restoring.
  13. Now restore your friends mobile no. where u save it first.

In summary, seamlessly move contacts from an old phone to a new one with micro/nano SIM slots by using a friend’s phone with a standard SIM. Backup, transfer to a normal SIM, import to the new phone, and tidy up by restoring your friend’s contacts. Enjoy your upgraded device hassle-free.

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