Change Facebook Video Play Quality and Always Show Captions settings

Video sharing on Facebook is much easier than other video sharing sites. But on the Facebook when we play any video on our timeline page, the by default it will play both HD and SD Video, If you’re on WiFi then the video play automatically, and people always ignore this. Many Facebook users don’t have unlimited INTERNET plan, if they are on 3G or 4G LTE with 1GB or 2GB plan, Then they’ll not know when the data has finished. So if you are also facing such as problem and not familiar with how to change Videos quality and along with this how to On or Off Show Captions settings on Facebook. Follow the process below to solve this problem.

Change Video Play quality and Always Show Captions:

By default on Facebook Video play quality set to Default. With Default Facebook will automatically select best Video quality between SD or HD according to your Internet Speed. But if you are using 3G & 4G LTE, then Facebook will be played HD Video (If it available in HD). It is because you are using High-Speed Wireless data.

Secondly, if you want to Turn On or Turn Off Videos Captions then you can also do that by following simple steps, For this you will need to go in Video Settings on Facebook. Click here to Go to Facebook Video Settings.

If above link is not working then click on  drop-down menu icon at the top right bar. And choose Settings from the menu. Now Click on Videos option available in the left pane. 

Change Video Playing Quality:

To change Video Quality click on Video Default Quality dropdown Default ∇ menu and select SD Only if you don’t want to play videos in HD quality.

Facebook: Howto change Videos quality and Auto playing settings

Alternatively, you can directly change Default Video quality by clicking on Gear icon available below the video playback.

Change Always Show Captions Videos:

To Turn On or Turn Off Facebook Videos Captions, click on Auto Show Captions ∇ drop-down menu icon. And choose On or Off as you want to do with this.


That’s it, now you have been successfully changed Video quality settings and Always Show Captions settings. Now you will be able to save more data with these Video settings while browsing on Facebook.

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