How to Backup and Restore PUBG Mobile Game In Android?

If you’re a hard core PUBG Mobile gamer, then you never need to Backup and Restore of PUBG Mobile game. As a normal person, when you continue install of this game, you will start playing it again and again because it is too much addictive game.

When this game is consuming extra time and you can’t stop playing, it will be a good idea to take backup of .apk and .obb file and then uninstall it from your smartphone and later this game can be easily restored without downloading full game from Google Play Store.

How to Backup PUBG Mobile In Android  Smartphone?

If you currently installed PUBG Mobile in  your Android Smartphone, there is only two files needed for backup First is .apk and second is .obb. So first we will backup Pubg mobile apk file and after that obb.

Please Note: Same version apk and obb file required because if you use old apk with new obb or new apk with older obb file then both file will not be synchronized by each other.

Backup PUBG Mobile application file

To do this you will have to just install any app backup application in your phone, install app backup from google play store: apk backup app.

Backup PUBG Mobile OBB File

PUBG Mobile .obb file can be manually backed up, for this follow these quick steps:

  • Open “File Manager” and go inside  the “Android” Folder. In the Android tap on the obb folder and after this you will need to tap on com.tencent.ig directory.


  • Now you will see main obb file which size is around 1.7GB to 2GB. Press and hold file for a second and you will see related options and then choose “Copy” from that. After copying obb file go back to any other folder and Paste the file.

Back-and-Restore-PUBG-Mobile 2

After taking both files backup, you can uninstall or remove PUBG Mobile game from your smartphone and later this game can be reinstall using this backup without downloading from Google Play Store.

How to Restore PUBG Mobile Game from Backup?

As you have a complete backup of PUBG Mobile game (App and obb file), it is much easier to restore the game and start playing using following method:

  • Open the folder where you have backed up files and first install the pubg mobile apk file. As soon as installation completes, open the game.
  • After opening, you will see a screen with following message:

Back-and-Restore-PUBG-Mobile 3

Would you like to enable downloading over cellular connections? Depending on  your data, this may cost you money.

  • After this, a folder will be created inside the Android ⇒ obb ⇒ com.tencent.ig. Now close and Force Stop the game.
  • And now you can restore file that you have backed up before. Copy that file and go to Android ⇒ obb ⇒ com.tencent.ig and paste the obb file.
  • After pasting file open the PUBG Mobile again and it will ask you to access file permission. Tap to Allow and the game restoration will be completed. 

If you don’t have PUBG Mobile game backup and do you want to download manually, check this: Download Latest PUBG Mobile Full Version Offline.

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