Backup All Android Smartphone Data With Super Backup App.

Today’s, Android smartphone is very important in our life. Therefore it is also necessary to keep the regular backup of android smartphone data because sometimes our phone malfunction and data may become corrupted, If you have a good data backup then the data can be restored again after phone resetting. So always install a good data backup app on the android phone. There are several apps available in Google play store with which you can easily backup data to your SD card along with the Google Drive (Cloud storage) account. But I found some good & easy features in the SuperBackup app. Super Backup is an all in one backup application. You can backup Apps, SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendars, Voice Call Recording with it. Super backup has great ability to regularly backup your data on SD card and also on the Google Drive (Cloud storage)/Gmail account. So here I’ll tell you how to backup & restore all data with the Super backup app.

Note: If your smartphone has the internal SD card, then it is necessary to check your data backup location because when you install the Super backup app on the Android smartphone the default backup location set on the internal storage card. So check before backup & if you found location internal then set on the external SD card.

Check & Change Default Data Backup Location

Tap on the top right 3 dotted menu»tap on Settings»Backup path. Check here backup location, If it is on Internal storage then set it to External Card location.

Super backup App

Super Backup app name also known as Super Backup SMS & Contacts. It is a fastest data backup tool on android & You will never lose your data again with Super backup SMS and Contacts.



  • You can easily backup your installed apps. If you have rooted devices then it can also backup apps data. To make the backup of your apps, tap on Apps option at Super Backup home screen.
  • Choose multi-select option at the bottom right corner to backup all apps & tap BACKUP.


  • When you want to restore then tap on ARCHIVED tab & select single or multi-apps, after this tap to INSTALL button.

restore-apps- super backup

All other backup option SMS, Contacts, Call logs, Calendars and Bookmarks have the same features

SMS- Backup, Backup Conversation, Restore, View Backups, Send to the cloud (Google Drive), Delete backups, Delete All Messages.

Contacts- Backup, Restore, View Backups, Send to the cloud, Delete backups, Delete All Contacts.

Call Logs- Same as Contacts.

Calendars- Backup, Restore, Send to cloud, Delete backups, Delete All Calendars.

Call Recorder- Record Voice Calls.

Pictures- For using this feature, you will have to download Easy AppLock & Hide Pictures/Videos app from Google Play Store.

Bookmarks- Backup, Restore to Browser, Restore to Chrome, View backups, Send to the cloud, Delete backups, Delete All Bookmarks.


Backup on Google Drive

Super backup has inbuilt Google drive option, so you can backup your data to the Google drive account & Gmail Account. but you will need to configure your Google drive account with the super backup app.

  • For this at main screen of super backup tap on top Google Drive icon


  • At next it will ask you to choose your Gmail Account, select account to continue or if you don’t have Gmail account then first create a new.
  • After selecting, correct gmail account, login using password and also verify dual factor security if you have enabled it. As you verified the account, follow the next step.
  • Now Super Backup will establish a connection with Google account and will ask you for permission to access the account then tap on ALLOW to grant access.


  • That’s it! Super Backup is connected to Google Drive. Now whenever you want, can be backup your smartphone data to Google Drive and Gmail account.

Super backup app Settings:

  • Tap on top right 3 dotted menu


  • Now you will see settings option, to change any configuration tap on Settings.


  • Backup Path- If you want to change backup folder location. According to the Super backup app by default, it is set on internal SD card. Please set this to External SD card. If you found it internal, then it is better for security change the location to External SD Card.


Schedule Settings

  • With Schedule Settings, you can grant permission to Super backup for Auto backup at a regular frequency.

Max Backup Files To Keep

  • You can keep unlimited files of backup, Or Set Limit 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 & No limit.

Schedule Backup Notify

  • If this checkbox enabled, then the Super backup app will notify you after a scheduled backup.


Regular SMS Backup
  • Set a regular frequency-  Every 1 day, Every 3 days, Every Week, Every 15 days, Every Month, Never. If you don’t want that the Super backup app backup your SMS automatically or you want to backup data yourself then don’t change the settings or set it to Never.
  • Regular Contacts Backup- Same as Regular SMS Backup.
  • Regular Call Logs Backup- Same as Regular SMS Backup.
  • Regular Calendars Backup- Same as Regular SMS Backup.

Auto Upload Settings

Upload to Google Drive
  • Tick the checkbox if you want the automatic backup on Google Drive.
Upload to Gmail
  • Tick the checkbox if you want an auto backup on Gmail account.
Delete after uploaded
  • If this checkbox enabled, then the Super backup will automatically delete local backup after uploading on Google drive cloud storage or on Gmail account.
Only upload via WI-FI
  • Enable this checkbox, if you want to use only WiFi for Cloud Backup.
Remove Google Account
  • If you have added a Google account to Super Backup app for Google drive then this account can remove from here.


  • Max Apk Versions To Keep- You can keep the unlimited version of an app. Or Set Limit to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & No limit. Better to set 2 or 3.
  • APP Auto Backup- If this check box enabled then When you will install or update an app. then Super Backup will be automatically backup newly installed and updated app.
  • App Backup Notify- If enabled, then It will notify you after an auto backup.


  • Remind Upload Backup File- If this checkbox enabled, then the Super backup will remind you to upload that backup to Google Drive. If you haven’t Scheduled auto backup on Google Drive.
  • Remind Backup- This option will remind you. If you have no backup more than 15 days.
  • Dark Theme- This is an extra theme, It also saves your battery life while you are using the Super Backup.

Download Super Backup : SMS & Contacts

Click here to download Super backup apk

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  1. I also cannot restore anything after a software update did a hard factory reset on my Note 9. I even made sure I did a backup of each thing before I initiated the software update. WTF

  2. I used Super backup and restore to back up sms, call log, and contacts to google drive, but it won’t let me restore to phone after hard factory reset. It will let me see the folder and click on it, but then it doesn’t do anything!

    • yes how would it possible to recover data from google drive because i also did the same to backup on google drive then factory reset, but now i want to restore it but this app can’t

  3. I have 22 installed applications and 53 archived. I choose some apps from archive and try to install it to my LT28h. It works as if it really installs them, but none is actually added: 22 installed remain as before.

  4. I checked, when you will remove Super Backup, It doesn’t delete any backed up data. But if you are using any Smartphone phone cleaning app such as 360 security antivirus or clean master, If you have not noticed, these manually delete the data.

  5. If I want to delete the Superback up application everything i that backed up using this Application will be restore or would I loose everything I backed up.


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