How to Change YouTube Channel Custom URL

On YouTube Channel, Custom URL is an identity of our channel. if we have a good custom URL which matches to our Channel name then our channel looks professional and we can get channel subscribers easily. But when we start a channel then we don’t know that where we’ll go. Once our YouTube channel custom URL is approved then It is very difficult to change. Because Channel Custom URL on YouTube, can get only once. after that, you’ll use the same URL in whole life & cannot change or get another URL. Sometimes we feel the need to change the name of the channel. And we also easily change it. But after changing Channel name, the YouTube custom channel URL remains the same. Whereby it becomes useless.

The same happened to me. When I had made my YouTube channel, the name of my channel was EASY PC SOFT and my blog name Soon my custom channel URL was also approved. I have been working continuously. But the name of the channel is not good and my business was not going well with the name. One day I was thinking about changing the name of my business. So I changed my business name EASY PC SOFT to PC MOBI TECH. I purchased a domain name from First, i replaced my site name & after that YouTube channel name. After changing the channel name the Custom URL remained the same. Now another problem has appeared in front of me. How to change the custom URL to match the new name of my channel. But according to YouTube channel policy, we can’t get a new YouTube Channel Custom URL.

How I got a new YouTube Channel Custom URL?

Now you might be thinking that it is the policy of YouTube, you can not get a new Custom Channel URL then how I got it. Yes,  it’s right we can’t get a new Channel Custom URL. But I got it with the different way. What i did?

I did a few things:

  • I created a new Google Plus page & set the page name same as YouTube Channel Name:-  Google+ Page  and YouTube Channel
  • I linked my blog site & other social profiles to new google plus page.
  • Filled all introduction & about my information.
  • Moved YouTube Channel from old Google plus page to new Google plus page.
  • I got approved Google+ page  as soon as my Google+ page URL approved my YouTube channel URL is also approved.

When I had moved to my YouTube channel to the new Google Plus page, I didn’t know that changing the URL to Google Plus, YouTube channel custom URL is also changed.

What I lost:

Lost nothing, only old Google+ page followers remained on the old Google plus page because they didn’t move, when we moved YouTube to new Google Plus Page.

I hope that It’ll also work for you.

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3 thoughts on “How to Change YouTube Channel Custom URL”

  1. You can also qualify for a custom URL that aligns with your web domain by linking and verifying your official webpage with your connected Google+ page

  2. This didnt work 🙁 It shows can get a custom url, but it starts with my youtube channel name (the old one), and only allows me to add a few characters..

    • Did you follow all the steps. After creating a new google+ page, You also need to move your Youtube Channel to new google+ page.


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