How to transfer (Fund) money using PNB NetBanking.

Are you using PNB Internet Banking service and want to transfer fund (money) through your Punjab National Bank NetBanking account. But don’t understand how to do this. Then here I’ll share step by step guide with that you can transfer fund using PNB Internet Banking account.

As we know that today net banking facility most important for us and Net Banking or Cashless banking uses increasing day by day. So this is most important for us that learn how to transfer our money to other payee account using Internet Banking service.

But before to transfer fund you will need to set first “Maximum Beneficiaries to be added in a day limit” and after that, you can add a Beneficiary to your account. Beneficiaries are those people, in whose account you want to transfer fund. So for security reason first you’ll need to set Maximum Beneficiaries to be added in a day limit.

Set Maximum Beneficiaries to be added in a day limit

Login to your PNB (Punjab National Bank) Internet Banking account. And follow the steps below:

  • After login click on Set Limits option from available on left in My Shortcuts options.
  • User Limit Set screen will appear.

PNB User Set Limit option

  • Now Set Number of Beneficiaries Per Day Limit. In the No of Beneficiaries Per Day box enter the total beneficiaries that you want to add per day. If you do not add to-many Beneficiaries per day then the limit can be set 1 or 2. Here you can also set transfer fund limit and the number of transactions per day limit for Overall Transaction, Within PNB Transfers, RTGS Transaction, Credit Card Payment, NEFT Transaction and E-Commerce Transactions.
  • After setting up click on Continue Button.
  • Now you’ll receive an OTP code to your Bank registered mobile number. Which you’ll need to enter on Next page in One Time Password box. And After entering click on Submit Button.

PNB User Set Limit option2

  • You have been successfully set Maximum Beneficiaries to be added in a day limit.

Create a new beneficiary

After Settings up Maximum Beneficiaries to be added in a day limit, you will need to create a new beneficiary account. To create a beneficiary account first check that the person which you are going to add as a beneficiary into the list. Has to account in Punjab National Bank or any other bank account. Because if the Beneficiary has an account in PNB then you’ll need to create beneficiary using Add Within PNB Payee option. Or if the person has an account in another bank then you can create beneficiary using add Other bank Payee option. To creating a new Beneficiary follow the steps below:


  • Go to Transaction menu available on the top menu bar and choose Manage Beneficiaries option available in Beneficiaries management section. Now you will see Manage Beneficiaries screen.

Add Within PNB Payee:

  •  Now select option Add Within PNB Payee if the beneficiary has the account in PNB (doesn’t matter account is in the same branch or in other PNB Branch.) and click on OK button.


  • For Example, here I’m going to add a payee who has the account in PNB Bank, So I have chosen Add Within PNB Payee option and clicked OK button.
  • On Next fill require information:

Add within PNB Payee name

Nickname: Give a Nick name, an easy name which you can remember.

Account Number: Here enter beneficiary account number and click on Validate button. It will automatically fetch account holder name.

Maximum Limit Amount: Specify how much fund you want to transfer in a day. eg: 10000.

Maximum No of Transactions: Here you can set number of transaction in a day limit.

  • After filling above information click on Continue button.
  • On Next Page you’ll need to verify your Transaction Password. So enter Transaction password and click on Submit Button.

Create a new Beneficiary

  • Now then Beneficiary has been added to the unverified list. So you’ll need to verify Beneficiary and For the verification, you’ll also receive an OTP (One Time Password) to your registered mobile number. To Verify Beneficiary click on Confirm Your Beneficiary button.

Confirm Beneficiary

  • On Next you’ll get Confirmation List Page If you have not received OTP yet then generate OTP using Reset OTP button. if you have more than one payee then choose the beneficiary name by the select radio button. And after that click on Confirm Button.

Click on Confirm button to verify PNB Beneficiary

  • On Next Preview Confirmation Details page will appear. Here Enter the OTP code which you have received on your registered mobile number and click on Submit Button.


Enter one time password to add beneficiary to account

  • Beneficiary account has been successfully added to Payee list. And now you can send the Payment to the beneficiary account.

Add Other bank Payee

Or if the beneficiary has the account in other banks then select add Other bank Payee option. And fill following information:

Name: Fill beneficiary account name, must be match with account name.

NickName: Give any easy to remember name as you wish.

Account Number: Enter the correct beneficiary account number.

Confirm Account Number: Reenter the account number.

IFSC Code: Enter the Beneficiary account bank IFSC Code and click on LookUp button. It will automatically Fetch Bank name and bank address details.

Address: Enter beneficiary home address which should also match with the beneficiary bank account address.

Maximum Limit Amount: same as described above.

Maximum Number of Transactions: Same as above.

After filling the information tick the checkbox I have read and I accept the terms and conditions  and click on Continue button.

Transfer Fund to Beneficiary (Payee) account:

After adding a payee account you can initially issue a fund to the beneficiary account number. To Make a fund transfer follow the steps below

1. Fund Transfer to PNB account Holder:

If you have created a beneficiary using Add Within PNB Payee option then the fund can transfer in following way:

  • Go to Transaction menu and choose Other PNB Accounts option. And you’ll see Initiate Other PNB Account Transfer page.
  • Here select the beneficiary account number from To Account dropdown list.
  • Enter an amount that you want to transfer.
  • Choose a Transaction Date on which you want to issue fund (money) if you want to transfer fund instant then don’t do anything.
  • Now select Maturity Instructions: One Time or Recurring. If you are making the Recurring transaction (a transaction which automatically transfers in a Regular interval.) For Example, you are doing a payment which you want the issue on date 25/12/2016 and if you choose the recurring option then the transaction will be automatically done again on next 25th date 25/01/2017 and it continues until you’ll not stop this payment. So if you are making the one-time transaction then select One Time option.
  • In Remark, You can leave a message that will remind you why you have done this transaction.
  • After filling all the information click on Continue button.

Initiate other PNB account transfer using NEFT transfer PNB-min

  • On Next page enter your Transaction Password and click on Submit button.

Verify Transaction password to transfer other pnb NEFT transaction

  • And the transaction has been successful.

2. Fund Transfer to Other Bank account holder:

If you have added a beneficiary other than PNB Bank then the Fund can be transferred using this method

  • Go to Transaction menu and choose NEFT option, IMPS Using IFSC (27*7 Instant Transfer) option can be also used if the NEFT is not available but IMPS cost you more charge than NEFT. So first try NEFT option.
  • And you will see Initiate NEFT Payment page, here select and fill information same as I have described above on Initiate Other PNB account transfer page.
  • After filling all the information click on Continue button.
  • on Next Page verify Transaction password and click on Submit button.
  • Other Bank fund Transfer has been succeeded.

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