How to Activate Quick Heal Antivirus & Mobile Security

Quick Heal Antivirus is a one of the most popular DNA scanning technology based Antivirus for Windows PC. And now Quick Heal Antivirus & Mobile Security app available free for Android smartphone. Quick Heal Antivirus & Mobile Security has an advanced virus scanning system. It can identify a suspicious app even if the virus definition has not been updated yet. Along with this, It has an easy to use simple and efficient user interface. But for the use, you will need to activate Quick Heal Mobile Security app first.

However, if you’ve little knowledge, then Quick Heal Antivirus & Mobile Security app android activation is easy. But a bit difficult for beginners. So if you have recently installed Quick Heal Antivirus & Mobile Security app on your phone, and facing some problem when doing the app activation. Here I’m going to tell you a step by step guide to activate Quick Heal Mobile Security app.

Quick Heal Antivirus & Mobile Security Activation

Before Quick Heal Mobile Security Activation you’ll need to set preferred Mobile number for Messaging. Because Quick Heal Mobile Security will verify this Mobile number by sending a message to the Quick Heal Antivirus server. So Make sure your mobile number has some balance and also go to Settings>>Dual Sim (Sim Settings)>> Messaging (SMS) and set that SIM as messaging default with which you want to register Quick Heal Mobile Security.

After Selecting SMS default SIM. Open Quick Heal Antivirus & Mobile Security, and you will see License Activation screen tap on I Agree to Continue Quick Heal Mobile Security Android activation. And now follow the steps below:

Step 1:

  • Enter User Details screen will appear. Enter your name in the first box and choose your country code & enter the Mobile number that mobile number which you have selected default for SMS (Messaging).
  • After entering correct information tap on Next.

Step 2:

  • Set PIN screen will appear. Here Enter and Re-enter 4 digit PIN number eg. 4569, etc. And note down this PIN password somewhere you want. Because this PIN helps to unlock your phone when it becomes locked with Quick Heal Mobile Antivirus Security. If you have forgotten the PIN, so your Android phone will not be able to unlock without the PIN.
  • After confirming PIN tap on Next.

Step 3:

  • On next enter an alternative number mobile eg: Your home Mobile number, Family member mobile number or Friends mobile number along with your country code. You can select the mobile number from your phone contacts and can also set up to 3 alternate contacts according to your need. This number helps you to track your phone when it becomes lost and when you forgot the password.
  • If you want to extend security level, and want no one can unlock your phone by uninstalling Quick Heal Antivirus & Mobile Security. Then tick the Uninstallation Protection checkbox. So only authorized users can uninstall QH Security app.
  • After this tap on Activate.

Step 4:

  • If you have enabled Uninstall protection in step 3 an Activate Device Administrator screen will appear. Here you will need to Activate Quick Heal Antivirus & Mobile Security as an Admin. To Activate it as admin tap on Activate.

Note: When you want to Deactivate this protection then you can deactivate this protection by going Settings>>Security>>Device Administrator and uncheck the checkbox.

  • After tapping on Activate Quick Heal Antivirus & Mobile Security app will send a message to verify your mobile number.
  • And You will receive a confirmation message. After this, your mobile number verification has been completed and Quick Heal Mobile Security app has been activated successfully.
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