5 Best Online Torrent Downloader Sites Free & Paid

Most people use BitTorrent or µTorrent for downloading Torrent files. These Torrent clients have big privacy and security issues, because over the Torrent network your real IP will always visible, and hackers can easily find and attack to your system, so you will be not able to understand when your system is being hacked. Yes, you can prevent IP leakage by using the best VPN for Torrenting but still Torrent downloading is a risky task. Now here another faster & safer way is also available to download your all favorite Books, Videos, Softwares, Apps and Games without compromising your PC privacy and security. For this, you will have to use online Torrent Downloader sites, these sites offer builtin Torrent downloading application.

When you upload the Torrent or Magnet link in the app, then it will fetch and download the whole content into the cloud. After that, you can securely use any download manager such as Internet Download Manager, and file download will be started. It will save lots of time because  Internet Download Manager downloads the 10-20 times faster than the torrent clients. Now the problem is all the Online Torrent downloader sites have limitation and they only allow few data of torrent downloading free. Here I’m listing 5 best Online Torrent Downloader Sites that offer maximum data download and also give premium download service at a very affordable price.

Top 5 Online Torrent Downloader sites

After checking many online torrent downloader apps, I found following sites are faster and reliable:

#1. Seedr

Seedr is one fastest online Torrent downloading site. Along with Torrent, it also allows other sources to download, as well as after downloading data into your seedr’s account you can do video streaming anytime-anywhere. You will get higher security and it will securely save files without touching your device. It uses 256bit encryption, so no one will be able to trace what are you downloading from your account.

In the free subscription you can download or save 1 file at a time into your account and free space is limited to 2GB, however free space can be expanded by doing Tweeting Review (500MB), Blogger post (500MB), YouTube review (1GB) and Pinterest post credit (500MB), so you can get 2.5GB extra space after doing the above things.  If you purchase its premium service including Basic 30GB, Pro 100GB, and Master 1TB pack, then you can download bigger files with the fastest speed. When you save anything from the Internet, then it scans for viruses with Kaspersky Antivirus Security, Google Drive sync, and many more.

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#2. Zbigz

It is the first online Torrent downloader application and still, we can say it is a popular site for downloading & Streaming. With the Zbigz unregistered users can download upto 100mb and registered users can download upto 1GB of the file but the free plan is limited and you will suffer in downloading speed as well. If we talk about the premium plan then under the prime plans all the restriction will be removed and you can choose the Unlimited premium pack from 5 different plans: 5 Days, 1 Month, 3Months, 6Months, and 12Months.

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#3. Bitport

Bitport is another online torrent downloading site. It is also offering upto 1GB torrent file download but again you will have some restriction such as downloading speed, 1 slot for download, 1 file per-day only, etc. Bitport Premium plan is available in three different packs: 30GB, 100GB, and 250GB. So it doesn’t give unlimited features in the premium pack but offers unlimited Torrents, unlimited download speed, Video Streaming Support, Antivirus scan with Eset Nod32 Security Antivirus and Google Drive sync support.

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#4. Boxopus

Boxopus offers a similar service to Bitport. In the free plan, you can download upto 1GB file with some restrictions but all the files will be scanned with Virus Total service. Google Drive and Dropbox sync features are available in three different Boxopus Premium packs: Tiny bucket (30GB), Big bucket (100GB), Huge bucket (1TB), so you can choose what is best for you.

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#5. Offcloud

It is another good Online Torrent Downloader site and a good alternative of zbigz.com. It offers 1GB of Torrents download at a time but you can download upto 10GB of files monthly in the free Offcloud account. Same as Zbigz, it also gives all things unlimited in premium plan. If you want unlimited download, Video streaming support, and better security, then you can also go for paid plans: $9.99/month, $29.97/3 months, $69.99/year, and $139.98/2 years and a $299.99/lifetime limited pack.

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Online content storing is a costly service, therefore you will never get unlimited storage and downloading for free. Here I have listed those services, who gives better security and privacy at a cheaper price, as well as offer free service.

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  1. Seedr isn’t worth the time anymore. I’ve used Seedr for many years and I finally just gave up on them. Problem after problem and zero support… Some torrents never complete… they stay at “100% downloaded” indefinitely. Other torrents aren’t given a separate folder, the files are just scattered across the home page. Often the download speed is less than a meg per minute. Some torrents won’t even start, saying there aren’t any seeds… yet pop the exact same magnet link into zbigs and it downloads extremely fast. I’ve been using zbigz lately… but it has an annoying “feature.” It doesn’t zip the files until you click download… then it can take an extra 30 minutes to zip the files, depending on the size of the torrent.


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