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Android is the most popular Mobile Operating System in the World. because we love android apps & Games. Many peoples build Android Apps and Games to earn money from ads. They put many ads in Apps and Games to earn more. When you’re using an app or game, so many ads flash on the screen appear. Allowing you to use the app or game in the face of great difficulty.

So today let’s see how to block ads from Apps and Games in Android Smartphone. If you’ll block ads from your Android Smartphone’s Apps and Games then your smartphone will work faster than before.You can save your 2G, 3G, 4G LTE internet data because Ads consumes lots of data when you active on the internet. It will also increase Internet speed. There are many Ad-blocking application available for Android. But most of them are required rooted Android Phones. I found an app with which you can block the Ads from Android, without rooting your Smartphone.

How to block Ads without rooting your smartphone-

You can block the Ads from your Android Phone by following steps

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources Option:-

First You need to enable the Unknown Sources option on your Android Phone. If it is already enabled then skip this step. Check this: How to Enable Unknown Source in Android   

Step 2: Download & Install-

1- Download Adblock Plus on your Android Smartphone

Click here to Go download Adblock Plus
2- After download install it. (Installation is Completed)
3- Open Adblock Plus on your Android Smartphone.

Now Adblock Plus will automatically select Suitable Filter Subscription for you. You can change the Filter Subscription at any time from Filters list.

Adblock Plus works only on WiFi without rooting and you will need to change your WiFi Proxy as – localhost & port as- 2020 . If you want to use this app with your mobile data then Go to “more..” in settings for wireless (first part of the settings menu) >> Mobile networks >> Access Point Names >> click on default access point name then set the proxy as – localhost & the port as- 2020. It works some devices. If it does not work then you’ll need to root your device.

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