How To Solve AC3-DTS-MLP Audio Problem in MX Player

In my previous post, I explained how to block all ads with Adblock Plus in Firefox. Now, let’s talk about how to solve the AC3-DTS audio problem in MX Player, which many users have faced since the 1.7.33 update. MX Player is one of the best video players for Android smartphones and tablets, offering full control over videos on your device. However, with the latest update, MX Player removed support for two audio codecs, AC3 and MLP, due to licensing issues. This means that certain videos may not have sound when played on MX Player.

But don’t worry! You can still play videos with AC3 and MLP audio formats on MX Player by downloading and installing custom codecs. With these codecs, you can restore the audio support for AC3 and MLP formats with relatively little hassle.

So, if you’re facing the AC3-DTS audio problem in MX Player, simply download the custom codecs and follow the instructions to install them. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite videos with sound once again on MX Player.

Ac3 Not supported in MX Player

Solve AC3-DTS-MLP Audio Problem in MX Player

First, find out that which custom codecs support your device-

1- Open MX Player & tap on menu option key.

Click on top right corner

2- Tap on Settings.

MX Player settings

3- In the MX Player Settings Tap ‘Decoder’ option.

MX Player Decoder option

4- In the Decoder scroll down the list and at last option you can see your device supported custom codecs.

Custom codec option

Download Custom Codecs for your device

  • 1- Go to custom codecs download page- Click here to go. On this page, you will see the left side file name with the link, Tap on custom codec link (x86, x86_64, neon, neon64/ARMv8) that you find in MX player.
  • 2- As soon as you click on the link, a popup message appears then tap on Download option.
  • 3- Download begin.

How to install Custom Codecs

After download custom codecs, you will need to install in MX Player. Follow same steps as above (Open MX Player>Go to Settings>Decoder>Scroll down to last option) & Tap on Custom Codecs.

Custom codec installation

An Explorer window open. Now find your custom codecs location where you saved it. You can use the tap on the folder to go in inside folder & ‘Folder Up’ to go side-up (If you downloaded custom codecs with Firefox, Chrome then it will save into Download Folder by default. If you used UC Browser then it will keep into UC Download folder.)

When you will find out then just tap on Custom Codecs. Now your custom codec has been installed. Tap on OK to restart the application.

Select custom codecClick ok to restartcustom code successfully installed

If You are facing any problem & error with the custom codec or you don’t want to use this custom codec by default then tapping again on ‘custom codec’ (Open MX Player>Go to Settings>Decoder>Custom Codec) option & tap on ‘Use Default Codec’.

Click on custom code zip file

Must see:-

MX Player starting / crashing problem:-

After the custom codec installed MX player is not starting, or have frequent crashes. So go to the settings of your smartphone >> Tap on the Apps or Application Option >> in the Apps or Application tap on the MX Player.>> Now tap on “Clear Data” button.  MX Player will reset to default state.

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