Best Weather Apps & Widgets for Android Phone

Weather is an important aspect of Earth. Humans have to manage things according to the weather, as it can’t change itself for us, but we can. On some occasions, outdoor meetings, sports events, picnics, wedding setups, and party setups are managed under the sky. In such cases, event managers have to consider all significant factors to ensure success, and weather is the main factor that can influence the outcome favorably.


With advanced technology in meteorology, most weather forecasts are more reliable than ever. Getting weather updates on your mobile phone is no longer a dream. Today, with the advent of mobile computing, one can easily stay updated with weather forecasts anywhere and anytime in the world.

So, let’s explore the 10 best weather apps and weather widgets for Android phones.

10 Best Weather Apps and Weather Widgets for Android Phones:

1. AccuWeather:

It is an excellent application for Android users who want to stay updated with the weather. It provides hourly, daily, and 15-day weather forecasts that can be quickly integrated with your calendar. AccuWeather is a fantastic app that forecasts weather data for more than 3 million locations. It also sends alerts for incoming severe weather situations such as thunderstorms, snow, tornadoes, or high winds. This app is completely free and available on the Google Play Store.

2. 1Weather:

It is the most popular, highest-rated, and beautifully designed weather application for Android phones. It brings you information on an hourly and daily basis, providing a good package of features such as real-time local weather predictions, detailed radar maps, and dangerous weather alerts with a lunar phase indicator. It also has social media integration that allows you to share forecast data via email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc. The 1weather app is available in 25 different languages. It charges $0.99 to remove ads from the application for a full app experience.

3. Weather Underground – Weather data & microclimate:

Weather Underground is a user-friendly app that provides accurate and detailed weather information, making it easy for users to stay informed about local conditions. With a focus on microclimates, the app delivers hyper-local forecasts, ensuring users receive personalized and reliable weather updates tailored to their specific location. Featuring real-time data, interactive maps, and customizable alerts, Weather Underground is a go-to tool for planning outdoor activities or staying prepared for unexpected weather changes. The app’s intuitive design and simple interface make it accessible to users of all ages, offering a seamless experience for staying ahead of the elements. This app is available for free in Play Store.

4. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app is free with ad-supported features. It is available for several operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Get a wealth of meteorological data on your phone, including wind, temperature, and visibility on an hourly and daily basis. It also provides an interactive map displaying the latest Doppler radar data to unveil rainfall and severe weather alerts. It has a social sharing feature that allows users to upload photos and tweet videos and images.

5. Skymet Weather:

Skymet Weather is a trustworthy weather app designed for India. It gives you accurate forecasts tailored to the Indian subcontinent, covering details like temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and humidity for different cities and towns in the country. With real-time updates, 7-day forecasts, and alerts for severe weather, the app keeps you in the know about changing weather conditions. Additionally, Skymet Weather offers weather-related news, articles, and videos to help you grasp weather patterns and how they might affect your daily life.

6. Go Weather

Go Weather is free to purchase and is made by Go Launcher Ex for Android phones. It ranks well among the most popular and successful apps. While talking about features, it provides forecasts, current weather, radar; it has a sleek design, weather widgets, live theme options, and a paid version of this app is also available. It shows detailed weather reports, checks humidity in the air, gives a view of Sunset and Sunrise, and displays wind speed in a separate chart. It’s an average weather app.

7. Weather Bug

Weather Bug is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It is a great free weather app that can be used to get accurate forecast data, alerts on dangerous weather, and Lifestyle Forecasts, localized through GPS. Some features include interactive maps, live cameras across selected locations, visual forecasts along with social media integration for alerting people to dangerous weather. Features like Spark lightning proximity alerts are being added timely. You can download it from the here.

8. Weather Underground

An application that relies on a huge network of more than 30,000 personal & amateur weather stations is the Weather Underground app that is made available for Android, iOS users for free. Some features that make it useful are crowd reporting, weather map, weather alerts, meteorological data in the notification. What crowd reporting does is to allow the user to verify reported forecasts & the user can also post their own sky and hazard reports on the application. The app is free, but if you want to ignore the unwanted ads, then you will have to pay $1.00 per year to remove advertisements from the app.

9. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather contains tons of information on weather forecast data such as temperature, snow, rain, severe weather alerts. It gives a report on an hourly and daily basis. It’s a free weather application that has been improving the app over the last years. It has a beautiful design and graphics with all necessary information, radars, alerts, and much more. Track up to twenty cities with this app, upload and submit your weather images by posting them on Flickr with a hashtag #projectweather. It has all the features that one can look for.

10. YoWindows Weather

YoWindow Weather app by RepkaSoft is a new weather application in the market. It has gained a good reputation in some time. It lets you scroll the weather with forecast animation. YoWindows Weather app is free of cost, but to remove the advertisement from the application, one needs to make the reasonable payment of $2.98. This app stands before Google Now but after The Weather Channel. Comparatively speaking, this app isn’t much powerful.

The Conclusion

Weather forecasting is the application of technology to predict the present and next state of the atmosphere for a particular location. Several applications give you complete detailed information on the condition of the sky, wind, temperature, etc. Prediction of forecasting through cloud patterns has gone. Today, everyone can have weather forecasting in their hands through weather apps.

There are several benefits of using weather forecasting information, as most farmers rely on weather forecasts to cultivate crops. Weather forecasting also helps in preventing and controlling wildfires. Well, there is no doubt that we need forecasting in all industries, including the aviation industry, marine forecast, agriculture, forestry, and much more.

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