5 Ways To Unlock Apps From AppLock

We always use an AppLock App to protect our privacy and hiding applications, photos & videos with Pattern lock or password. It is very useful for us because after locking with AppLock application anyone can’t access to apps, photos, and videos, etc. without our permission. But sometimes we forget the Applock password & can’t open the apps. In this situation what can we do? So In this post, I’ll tell you 5 ways with that you can unlock apps from AppLock without the password.

Many Applock users are facing the problem of forgetting passwords. Some questions of Applock users are as follows-

  • After forgetting how to unlock AppLock password?
  • How to reset the AppLock password?
  • How to disable Applock, if forgot password?
  • Is there something else I can do to unlock my apps?
  • How to bypass password screen of AppLock?
  • Is Without a password can unlock the AppLock apps?

Tips for unlocking Apps from AppLock

Yes,  if you have forgotten your password then you can Reset password, bypass password screen, uninstall AppLock without any password. And applications can unblock by using these 5 tricks:

1. How to recover AppLock Password with FORGOT PASSWORD?

Start DoMobile AppLock & tap on the top right 3 dotted menu. You will see Forgot Password option, tap on this.


In the Forgot Password option tap on SEND CODE TO SECURITY EMAIL link. (And also make sure your phone DATA is enabled or not if not then first enable it.) Now AppLock will send a code to your Security email. Go to your email id & check code & paste it to Enter the code to reset your password box and after this tap on RESET PASSWORD option.


If you have entered the correct code, then the AppLock password will be reset.

2. AppLock Password Screen Bypass trick-

Go to smartphone Settings & tap on Apps (or Application manager).


In Apps (Application manager) Tap on AppLock.

In AppLock App info, Tap on Force stop & confirm Force stop by pressing OK. (AppLock Service is now stopped and all applications are unlocked too.) You can open any app which was locked with AppLock, but the AppLock service will start as soon as. So all applications will be locked again.


3. If it does not work, then please uninstall the AppLock.


4. Another trick to Bypass password (open Apps without password)-

Go to Smartphone Settings & tap on Developer Option.


In Developer option tap on process stats.


You will see all application which is running in the background. You will need to stop the AppLock process, Find AppLock from the Process Stats list and after finding tap on it.Choose applock from the list developers-option

After tapping on AppLock you are in Use details, To stop process AppLock tap on Force stop button.


Now you can by-pass applock protection & can open any protected app.

To Know more about Developers options read this post: How to Enable-Disable Developers options on Android Smartphone.

Also Read:

Smartphone Settings is locked with AppLock. Then how to uninstall AppLock?

Many times it happens that we locked smart phone’s settings with App Lock, In this situation, we can’t uninstall the Applock without open the Settings. Then you can try to uninstall AppLock with other third-party uninstaller apps such as Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall, Uninstaller, etc. And many antivirus apps also come with apps uninstaller program such as Avast free mobile security.

Or If you have locked the Google Play Store app then try 3rd party app stores to download these apps. Read more: How to get Android apps safely without Google Play Store?.

5. Start Your Phone in the Safe Mode

Today many Android Phone supports Safe Mode feature. The Phone “Safe Mode”  works same as the Windows Safe Mode feature. When you do restart Android in the Safe Mode, then It will only load important apps, that come preinstalled with the phone and other manually installed apps will not start. So, if the none method is working for you, the Safe Mode will 100% work. I have tested the method with Samsung Galaxy S8 and it worked for me.

Note: last 4 tricks (2, 3, 4, 5) will also work for all other app lock apps. If the problem is still not resolved, reset your smartphone to Factory Defaults:

I hope that your problem will be resolved.

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  1. Hey. I for my phone app lock patter and I locked my email account with it.
    Please how can I recover the app pattern without flashing my phone.

    Please help me. Thank you.

  2. My Huawei has a built-in applock, and I have forgotten my password.. And i wanna change… What can I do? Help please

  3. My Huawei has a built in App Lock, which is uninstallable and can’t be forced stop. So, none of your tips works.

  4. I have hiden the app lock from the display without diall any password
    So will i get my app lock into my screen

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    Phone: Huawei Honor 9 Lite
    I shall be very thankful to you..

  8. Sir, I have downloaded many apps for locking apps.. But I have not got the features in any of those which I actually want.. It might be due to the settings.. But how to do settings for locking apps everytime we exit from the locked apps.. I want to lock my apps after every exit and also after unlocking screen.. Please give me suggestion about it sir.. Please..

  9. Hii I have forgot the applock password as well as the security question ka answer…air problem hai setting bhi applock mein locked hogya hai…toh applock ka password kaise change karu

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  18. My phone has dual sim slot, was trying to putting a new Sim and now it’s telling me to enter privacy protection password. The problem is I may have put a password on just in case it got lost or stolen and now I cannot remember the password…I can unlock the screen but every time I try to go into the sittings am locked out…can someone help please and thank you…

  19. Bro I don’t know password.even the settings also.ao I can’t open anything in mobile..in that app screen there is no forgotten password also

    • to go apps the hold down the applock icon and you should see options to uninstall or remove move the applock icon to uninstall the the applock uninstalls you should now be able to get into anything you had lock and can reinstall the app. hope this helps it worked for my android

      • He is already saying the Phone settings is locked then the phone can’t be unlock without knowing password or resetting phone.

      • Hi,

        Is it possible that i can unlock the app lock content without using app lock, as i have changed my handset and in previous handset i had locked some of my stuff which is in my memory card in app lock know i have that memory card with me and i am unable to unlock those stuff and i have already tried to unlock those stuff by installing app lock in new handset but its not working and know i don,t have that old handset with me.
        Could you please help me in this regard and mail me the suggestion i will be very thankful.

  20. All the Applock pass code patterns have been changed in my LG Nexus 4 and I can’t connect to wifi or even get into the smartphone settings without the Applock pattern code. If I try uninstalling Cleanmaster it needs the pass code pattern that I do not have.


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