Android Settings locked with AppLock password (How to Uninstall app?)

We protect our smartphone apps and settings with Password locking app, such as AppLock. It increases smartphone security and anyone can’t access our important data (Files, Music, Videos, Apps and settings without permission.

This protection can be unlocked by 1- Entering a correct password, 2- Password reset option, 3- Uninstalling AppLocking app.

The third trick will only work when we have not locked Smartphone Settings with the AppLock password. But will do, if we have also locked Smartphone Settings with the AppLock password. Can’t do anything because we can uninstall AppLock from the App manager option and the App manager is available in the Smartphone Settings. Therefore when App Manager is locked with password then we can’t uninstall it.


If you are suffering from above problem, here I’m sharing a trick with which you can uninstall AppLocking app.

Uninstall AppLock app when Settings is locked with Password

Many times we install useless apps in our smartphone, and sometimes these useless apps will work in most cases, If you have any of following or same app installed in your smartphone, It can help you to uninstall the AppLock application or password protector apps without opening Smartphone Settings.

  • Antivirus Application: An Antivirus application ( 360 mobile security, Avast free mobile security etc..) always comes with the App manager option. So you can uninstall AppLock apps with Antivirus Application manager program if you have already installed any Antivirus app.
  • Uninstaller Application: If you have already Installed Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall, Uninstaller, etc. Then these can help to uninstall the AppLock application.
  • Backup Application: We use Backup apps for backing up apps & data. These Apps also come with the App Manager option. eg. Super Backup: SMS and ContactsApp Backup & Restore, etc.

How to Uninstall app using above apps?

Open app>>Find App manager or Uninstall Manager or Backup manager>> Mostly apps have uninstalled button if don’t have then press the apps for few moment and you will see Uninstall option. Tap on Uninstall.


360 Security App Manager

Note: If you don’t have above apps installed on your android smartphone. Then download from Google Play Store. Or Google Play Store is already locked then try to download from third party store eg: 9Apps, Mobogenie, APK Mirror etc. But for third-party app installation, you will need to enable Unknown Sources option.

If you don’t have any above app installed then you have only one option left:

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8 thoughts on “Android Settings locked with AppLock password (How to Uninstall app?)”

  1. My android phone Settings is locked. But i have not selected it in my AppLock apps. I know my AppLock password but still the settings is not accepting it though. Please help me how to unlock my settings in my phone.

  2. My applocker is locked and settings is also locked and the password is not working and the option forgotten password and the threedots are also not seen. Then if I want to uninstall the app it asks the password.. Iam really worried and it is not working.. Plzzz help me.

  3. Can you please help me I have forgotten my pattern pass and can’t uninstall because settings, and almost all is locked by pattern. I’ve read many of your help forums but I can’t seem to do anything due to it being locked. I don’t want to factory reset cause will lose data, is there anything I can do? Please let me know when you get this. Thanks so much as I greatly appreciate it.

  4. please assist me to unlock my samsun tablet. it has an audio turned on and its says its been protected by 360 security. whenever i tries to put in passwords its rejects it. please assist me access it without losing infor stored on it.

    thank you


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