Connection Problem: Files By Google, SHAREit, Xender, Zapya File Sharing.

Files By Google, SHAREit, Xender and Zapya are the most popular File Transfer & Sharing apps. We can easily transfer and share Videos, Audios, Photos and files with our friends. It is a faster way to share data because if we transfer data via Bluetooth, it takes much time. But when we transfer same data using WiFi, then the data can be transferred up to 10 times faster. Therefore, in place of Bluetooth, these file sharing app are being used much.

How Files By Google, SHAREit, Xender, and Zapya file sharing apps transfer the data?

These apps use Smartphone and Laptop-PC WiFi and WiFi Hotspot connection and transfer the data with the fastest speed. For example: If you are sending a file to your friend’s smartphone, Your smartphone app shares your data via WiFi hotspot and your friend smartphone app receives data via WiFi.

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SHAREit, Xender, and Zapya connection problem?

These are the best file transfer software’s-apps for iPhone, Android and Laptop-PC (Windows, iOS) and the two devices can be easily connected to file sharing. But sometimes it happens that your file sharing app doesn’t connect to other device and app sharing connection remains stuck. So you think your phone is having some problem, but it is not a phone problem.

If Files By Google, SHAREit, Xender and Zapya file transfer, sharing the connection is stuck. And after trying many attempt devices are not making the connection with each other. But it is not the phone problem, It may be due to the following reason:

  1. You’ll need to use the same app on both devices. It means If you are sharing data via SHAREit File transfer sharing app then use SHAREit in both of devices. One sharing app will not work with other.
  2. If you want to receive any file from your friends Mobile then double check your Mobile storage or  Micro SD card storage. There is sufficient storage available or not. If the phone storage doesn’t have required file size space then the file will be not transferred.
  3. Before using these apps first disable your Mobile Data connection, WiFi, and WiFi hotspot and after that start these apps otherwise your app file sharing connection will not work.
  4. Today mostly smartphones come with dual band WiFi technology, so we can easily connect and share the data between those devices that come with dual band 2GHz and 5GHz frequency support. If one mobile 5GHz and other support 2GHz then those mobile can’t be connected and also will not be discoverable to each other. Hence, you always must check that both smartphones that your going to connect via Shareit, Zapya, Xender or Files by Google, should be running on same frequency.
  5. Both devices that you are pairing must have same version, means if you are using Xender 452 version then other mobile must have Xender 452. It doesn’t always create problem but you should check this, if nothing is working for you.

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Disable Mobile data, WiFi (WLAN), WiFi Hotspot:

  • Disable Cellular data (Internet data connection): Check your internet connection is disabled or not. If it is enabled then first disable it. Go to Smartphone Settings>> Data Usage>>Cellular data.


  • Disable WiFi (WLAN): Go to Smartphone Settings>>WiFi or WLAN.


  • Disable WiFi hotspot: Goto Smartphone Settings>>More>> Tethering and Portable devices>>WiFi hotspot.


  • Alternatively, You can check Mobile data, WiFi and Hotspot status via Quick access widget shortcut bar.


Note: Must check the app has permission to use WiFi

This is most important thing, and the latest Android version comes with advanced security, which may prevent unauthorized access to all permission. By mistake, if you disallowed any permission that Shareit, Zapya, Xender or Files by Google had asked and pressed ‘NO’ button. Then it simply will never connect to other smartphone. So you can check that the file sharing app must have necessary permission to share the data with other phone. Learn more: How to Manage App Permissions on Android.

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38 thoughts on “Connection Problem: Files By Google, SHAREit, Xender, Zapya File Sharing.”

  1. My polaroid tablet is not using sim card and can not connecting to android hotspot and bluetooth,but it is having both so i can not download and receive google-play and xender.any solution

  2. dear pramod sir,
    vivo y 51l
    when i received file i have no broblem but when i transfer file share it or xendar problem to share please give me solution please sir

    • i have same problem with my pc and mobile when my Mobile connect with pc hotspot the problem occur so suggest me a solution.

  3. My shareit is not connecting (i.e. not even showing my friend’s device) and my friend’s phone displays my device but couldn’t connect.Why?

  4. Whether it’s share it or xender….when I want to send …says connection failed and I observe that my wifi didn’t connect to the receiver’s phone’s hotspot…Bit when I receive from others it goes fine as my device’s wifi doesn’t need to connect the sender’s hotspot!!……Any solution???? it’s LAVA X81 running on 6.0.

    • I’m having exactly the same problem with my Xender too. And also a transfer error problem if it manages to connect 5% of the time. Please admin help. Come and revive this thread and keep your website going please. Thanks.

      • Try any alternative app, such as Files Go by Google. You will need to install the app in both devices. If the app works, then you the Xender and Shareit app have bug, and you will need to report bug to App developer in Google Play Store. You can also check the Xender and Shareit app permissions, you have allowed or not. For example go to App permission settings and check there, you have allowed all the permission. If any permission is disabled then enable that. In latest Android based devices Other permission option is also included, Other app permission has Change Wi-Fi connectivity option, check this, it is must enabled, also check here Start in Background permission must enabled. If the it still doesn’t work you should report it to app developer, only they can fix the issue of any error.

  5. I have micromax E313 ,,my problem is when I connect other device by xander or sharit if I do share or received it takes much more time and unfortunately they are not connected each other ,,, please halp me,,, I’ll tried re install that apps but nothing happened,, so please help me .

  6. My device recieves the file faster but while sending it is very slow to any other device. my phone is lenevo a536.. wat to do?

    • In the Lenovo a536 Wifi connection problem is not new, Many existing smartphone users suffered the same problem. You can try two method to fix issue: First enable Network firewall to all option Go to Lenovo security > Data Usage > Network Firewall > enable them all. And secondly you can try to update Phone Firmware.

  7. i cant recieve files on both share it and zapaya error msg saying “turn mobile data on….” it is samsung s4 i tried turning the mobile data on during process but cant recieve files some help please.

  8. I have downloaded shareit in my PC as well as my Android phone, same version. I have connected too. i sent some videos from my phone to my laptop and it was okay but when i take application like whatsapp, teamviewer from my phone to my system, it showing window APK file, not opening, please what will i do to get it solve. Have been battling with this thing for weeks. Please reply urgently

  9. when I tried to sent any file into another device my shareit did not work properly.After transferring 10 or 20 mb then it’s stop working and on the other device shows I left from shareit.In this situation whay I suppose to do?
    I uninstall it twice and download new from but it’s not work then I restore my setting but nothing else.please help.and my device is Huawei GT-3

  10. in share it and xender app the file which i take from other phone all data goes in phone storage… it does not goes in sd card… in setting of this app i select the memory storage but it writes your sd card doesn’t give permission… it’s android 4.4 plz suggest what should i do

    • Try to re-install the Shareit of xender app. It seems, you have disallowed the permission access. When doing reinstallation then install the app on SD card. So these will save the data on SD card in the future.

  11. My phone doesn’t connect to other phones and it used to work before pls what is the phone is samsung GT-18262

  12. I have Huawei Gt3 NMO-L31 android 7.0 . When i send anything from share it or xender Speed became very slow and at last it failed.Sometime it goes very fast.Any solution for this please tell me.

    • Try to restart your Phone, Sometimes many apps are run in the background, that causes slow transferring process. Or you can use a Memory cleaner app to kill the running apps process.

  13. My share it didn’t receives the data it has a hotspot authentication unsuccessful type error what can I do?? Please help me i have a LG K450

  14. I have installed latest version of shareit on my mi max, mi note, celkon signature hd. App shows connected to receiver but still transfer of files fails. Any solutions. Tried re-installing but didn’t work.

    • If you can’t Copy content using WiFi hotspot and Bluetooth then Copy Content to SD card, remove it from your phone and transfer it to another phone internal Memory.

      • Its a very long process.Although it is not so much time taking but some people are in hurry or hiding some private things or documents in their sd card and so they are not willing to go for this process.

  15. My phone used to connect with other devices but now it doesn’t and the above mentioned steps aren’t working. So how to solve the problem?

  16. Shareit and other sharing apps not working properly in my note 3. Can send data but can not receive. When I press receive message shows ,turn on mobile date

  17. I cannot send files to the other android device after connecting with them in their hotspot. My phone is iPhone 6.
    Can you provide any solution?


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