How to Report an Android app (error) bug to the app developer?

If you use Android Smartphone, then you sometimes face many unwanted bugs while using favorite apps. If the error is common, means every smartphone user is getting the same bug/error/crash problem then developers automatically identify and will fix the issue in next upcoming app update.

But what you’ll do, if the thing is only happening to you or it is not supporting your mobile. Then the update will not come for you, and you’ll continue with the trouble. Hence, I’m going to tell the ways, with which you can report the bugs/errors to the official app developers.

Ways to report bugs and errors

Here I’m sharing few ways; these will help you to get more information about the author/developer, how you can contact and send the bug report via Email and Contact form.


The App is a primary source of developer information. If the app is working and you can access Help, About, Bug report or similar options, then reporting a bug will make it even easier for you.

Bug Report to app developers

Google Play Store

If the app is available in Google Play Store, then all the information will be available on the app download page. So Open the Google Play Store and just go to app download page. On the Google Play Store app page you’ll need to scroll down, and at the end of the page, all the information will be available.


Report a bug via Google Play Store

If you have contacted to the developer, and successfully submitted your query. But still didn’t get the response then you can fill a bad review about the app in the Google Play Store and include your problem which you’re facing with the app. I’m 110% sure the author will inevitably reply to your question.

Report an app bug via Google Play Store


Official Website

If you know the app website address, you can get the contact information quickly through the website contact us page. On the Contact-us page, you can submit the report about your bug report.

Email ID or Customer Care support

Mostly app developers offer email & Customer Care call support. If you have their Email ID or customer care number, The app error can be quickly submitted. In-case you don’t know anything then do a Google search for “App-Name Email ID support” or “App-Name customer care number.” If you’re lucky, the information will be shown on the top of the Google Search Results.


Some apps developing companies offer community support means they directly don’t make conversation with you, but you can ask about the problem in their forum to solve the issue. If the developer sees your question, then they will release an update-fix, and your problem will be resolved in the future.

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